Bar Margot's Newest Dessert is "Pie in the Sky" Idea for Chef Lasheeda Perry at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta

March 1, 2017,
Atlanta, U.S.A

Lasheeda Perry’s arrival as Pastry Chef at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta has given the city a delicious way to celebrate - this time with her Biscoff Cream Pie. After a few short weeks, Perry’s Biscoff Cream Pie has become a hit and a can’t-miss dessert for those looking for a taste of the popular Biscoff cookie — with a twist.

The Biscoff Cream Pie is Perry’s first creation for Bar Margot, a hip and relaxed lounge located inside the luxury hotel at the heart of Midtown. With a crunchy Biscoff cookie crumble serving as the crust and a smooth, bourbon-infused banana mousse filling, the pie sits upon a bed of chocolate and caramel sauce and is topped with whipped cream and caramelised banana. Perry has used her talents to unite the flavourful components of fruit, chocolate and bourbon into a light and decadent dessert that is sure to satisfy every sweet tooth.

“It is truly a unique dessert made by the newest addition to our team, and we could not be more delighted to have Lasheeda’s energy, passion and creativity,” says Yvette Thomas-Henry, General Manager at Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta. “She has done amazing work for our amenities, speciality cakes and Sunday Brunch, but there is definitely something about the Biscoff Cream Pie that has people coming back for more.”

Created after a moment of clarity as Perry nibbled away at a Biscoff cookie on her one-way Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta, she knew that her first dessert would have to involve the unique and crunchy cookie. Her inspiration was the feeling that the stars had aligned for a smooth transition into a new city and new role, where she could exercise her natural ability to give traditional desserts an unsuspecting pop of flavour and sophistication.

“When someone takes a bite of my Biscoff Cream Pie, I want them to have a sense of nostalgia,” Perry says regarding her dessert. “I want them to say ‘oh, I remember eating this as a kid’ but with a more of an adult twist - whether it’s with a splash of alcohol or a more complex flavour.”

Perry’s Biscoff Cream Pie is a perfect example of a sweet southern treat meant for indulgence. The harmonious flavours and textures are irresistible and a must-have to top off a delicious meal. The Biscoff Cream Pie is available on the Bar Margot menu for USD 9.