Health is Wealth: Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Announces Day of Wellness Package


June 6, 2017,
Beijing, China

True wellness is a delicate balance of body, mind and soul. A person’s health is strongest when these three essences are aligned, which is why wellness is a top priority at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing. In honour of Global Wellness Day, guests can nurture all three cornerstones of health in activities designs to feed the body, relax the mind and pleasure the soul with the Day of Wellness package on June 10, 2017.

Begin the day early with an energising 50-minute tabata training session with fitness expert Ankit Nayal, followed by the slow, purposeful movements of a tai chi session with Master Yuan Feng. Learn more about the spine and how it influences overall health in a session at the Sports Rehabilitation Center at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing poolside health club. A welcome Q&A with General Manager Andrew DeBrito will be followed by a light, healthy lunch break in the Tea Garden. Nutrition expert Verade Yang will give a talk on how to properly fuel the body for optimum function, while Master Deng Jing Wen will fill guests’ cups to the brim with wisdom about the healing powers of tea. In the afternoon, guests will enjoy a yoga meditation session with UK Ashtanga yoga instructor Maria Kimsey before heading to The Spa for a rejuvenating Oxygen Facial Ritual with Senior Therapist Nadia Ma. At the end of the day, guests will return to the Tea Garden for a lucky draw.

Just one day dedicated to health and wellness can be a life-changing experience that leads to a healthier way of life year-round. With the Day of Wellness package - which is offered year round - guests can experience life-affirming exercise, fuel their bodies with healthy food and drink, and soothe the mind with luxuriously relaxing meditation and spa rituals.