A Bird's Eye View

January 13, 2016,
Hawaii, Lanai, U.S.A.
Bird From Peninsula Humane Society
Bruno Amby has one of the more interesting jobs as Resort Aviarist at Four Seasons Resort Lanai .  Feathered Resort residents KeO KeO, Ola, Uliuli and Hauoli are part of the Rescue Bird Program, a partnership with the Peninsula Humane Society.  With the over-abundance of captive tropical birds throughout the world, and their long-lived nature (some birds can live 80+ years) it is imperative to find them nice homes, as these birds cannot be returned to nature.  And a great home they have found, which includes a great caretaker in Bruno.  Find Bruno near the bird cages, Tuesday-Saturday or at a satellite location at the pool,  beach or Kids For All Seasons club  with a bird in tow and be sure to grab a snapshot with one of our feathered friends during your Hawaiian vacation.  "Talk story" or learn how to make a bird from a coconut leaf from Bruno – a true Lanai kapuna,  or elder, who loves sharing his knowledge of island culture. 

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Director of Public Relations
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