Scott Woroch

Executive Vice President Worldwide Development

“What will never change is our commitment to the people with whom we work – our business partners, our employees and our guests.”

Scott is always on the lookout for a great deal, and it’s a mission that takes him – literally – to every corner of the globe. With three main criteria in mind, he looks for and assesses opportunities to create new Four Seasons hotels and resorts. First up is the strength of the market and destination; second is the quality of the proposed site; and third is the investor behind the project. “Everyone wants to know where the next big destination will be. There are many incredible opportunities out there, and there will be exciting new places to experience Four Seasons in the future.”

“The investor is the trickiest part,” he says. “Anyone with money can build a luxury product; what sets Four Seasons apart are the partnerships we build with companies and individuals who are as committed to our service culture as we are. In addition to having the financial resources, they must have the understanding and commitment to Four Seasons service culture in order to build a great hotel.”

In a process that takes an average of five years from concept to grand opening, Scott spends a lot of time thinking about the future. Where travellers will want to go, where Four Seasons wants to be and how the marketplace will evolve. Says Scott: “We have a long-term strategy, and when we find others who share our goals, and match those goals against what our guests want – and will want in the future – we have ourselves a deal.”

Career Highlights

  • At Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts: joined in 2000 as Vice President, Business Development, Asia Pacific; promoted to Senior Vice President, Business Development, Asia Pacific in 2003; has held current position since 2007 
  • Previously: Senior Vice President, Development at Strategic Hotel Capital LLC; before that, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Development at Westin Hotels & Resorts; also practiced real estate law at Colton & Boykin (Washington, DC) 
  • Education: AB from Cornell University with a major in Political Science (Ithaca, New York), 1982; JD from George Washington University National Law Center (Washington, DC), 1987

Personal Insights

  • Destinations on his radar: India, the islands of the Indian Ocean, Eastern Europe’s cities and resort areas, Central and South America, China, and Japan’s resort and cultural destinations 
  • Best part of his job: “the diversity of the people I meet and the cultures I experience; and sharing that with my family” (case in point: his American-born children speak Mandarin) 
  • About his competitive streak: a passionate fan of the Green Bay Packers, Manchester United and the Seattle Mariners 
  • His greatest physical challenge: mountain climbing (he’s topped Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest point in Africa, along with four 13,000+ peaks in Washington and Oregon) 
  • Greatest professional strength: “I’m comfortable saying no”

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