Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver Celebrates Commitment to West Coast Art

Partnership with Blue Horse Gallery launches first exhibit in early January 2014
January 7, 2014,
Vancouver, Canada

Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver will soon launch a new art exhibition space in the Hotel’s lower lobby that celebrates life in British Columbia, as illustrated by Salt Spring Island’s Blue Horse Gallery and artists Paul Burke and Anna Gustafson. This is an ideal partnership between well-known BC artists and Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver, which elevates its commitment to celebrate local artists and West Coast surroundings.

Passionate about sustainability and inspired by their beautiful British Columbian surroundings, Paul and Anna create pieces that are natural, original, and uniquely West Coast. This featured exhibit celebrates the work of both Paul and Anna, centring on one of Paul’s proudest sculptural installations entitled Ghost Salmon. “Pacific salmon are the iconic animals of our British Columbia coast,” says Paul. “Their health means the health of our forests, of the natural systems of the province as a whole. Ghost Salmon evokes the power and also the fragility of this treasured heritage.” 

Connecting West Coast elements through both subject and medium, Ghost Salmon sculptures are carved from western red cedar and painted with casein-based “milk paint” to allow the wood to show through. Beautiful, powerful, and a firm reminder of environmental responsibility, Ghost Salmon and the works of Blue Horse Gallery can be viewed at the lower lobby Zen Garden at Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver from early January through the summer. 

This meaningful exhibit is not the first for Blue Horse Gallery at the Hotel. In May 2013, Paul and Anna received much acclaim when Four Seasons Hotel Vancouver welcomed them to the ongoing “Artists in the Residence” program, established by the Hotel in 2011. Building on the idea of enhancing the cultural experience of guests and visitors while supporting local artists, the Hotel is delighted to share this new exhibition space with Blue Horse Gallery year-round for three annual exhibitions.

The exhibit is set to launch on January 8, 2014 and is open to guests and the public for viewing.  Plans for artist ‘meet and greets’ are in motion for the months ahead. 

About Blue Horse Gallery

Nestled in the quiet but vibrant community of Salt Spring Island is a place of unusual creativity and beauty: Blue Horse Gallery. Blue Horse is home to the acclaimed wood and bronze sculptures of Paul Burke, and the large encaustic installations and paintings of Anna Gustafson. Natural light spills into the spacious gallery, falling on paintings, furniture and other works by both artists. One of the Southern Gulf Islands in British Columbia, Canada, Salt Spring Island is easily accessed from Vancouver, Whistler, Victoria and Seattle.