Fall for Cinematic Cocktails at Four Seasons Hotel Abu Dhabi

Butcher & Still’s Master Mixologist Jack shakes it up with his latest signature blend
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.

Relive the Roaring ‘20s:

The moment one enters into the supremely elegant Butcher & Still, they are immediately transported to a bygone era of glitz and glamour, of grandiose figures and iconic stories. One such story is the development of Butcher & Still’s ethos by Restaurant Chef Marshall Roth and Four Seasons. The 1920’s Prohibition-era steakhouse is a masterpiece of nostalgic whimsy with every detail containing deep, rich meaning. Its design is breathtakingly beautiful, seamlessly blending spaces together in a way that encourages a convivial after-work aperitif in the Butcher’s Bar to turn into a dreamy dinner. This synergy also extends from the cuisine to mixology, with Four Seasons’ masters of craft elevating every moment. One such master is Yevheniy “Jack” Polosenko.

Reinventing the Classics:

A true Jack-Of-All-Trades, Yevheniy creates deep connections with each guest with genuine interactions and warm conversations. His passion for mixology is an essential part of his life. “It has an emotional connection for me. I have a deep love for the art coming from my older brother. We always worked together, honing our craft to become the best we could be behind the bar. Now I have developed my own style and consistently try to develop drinks that will excite my guests. While I love a classic Negroni or bourbons, one of my new favourite is The Army & Navy.”

The Army & Navy is a lovely twist on the Gin Sour, originating from the Army and Navy club in Washington D.C. With its subtle balance of botanicals from the dry Gin and light citrus notes, it is perfect for UAE’s outdoor season where guests can enjoy evenings on the expansive terrace, with friends and family. However, for Polosenko its humble ingredients are greater than the sum of its parts. “Just as Chef Marshall crafts everything from scratch, I seek to do the same with every drink I create. In The Army and Navy my preferred gin is Tanqueray No. Ten for its dry, subtle botanical qualities. Combined with a house-made Orgeat syrup, the flavour is outstanding and provides a great contrast to the spirits and citrus.” On this eye-for-detail he continues, “we are uncompromising in our quest for quality. This is also true in the way we present the cocktail. As a budding photographer and cinematographer, I am obsessed with infusing a film-like quality to everything I do. As a guest, you should enjoy the spectacle. You should be watching with awe.”

Shaken, Not Stirred

One of the key differentiators of the beverage is in its preparation. Its signature shake is something off a movie set. Butcher & Still is home to one of five Tanqueray No. TEN Imperial Martini Shakers in the world. Part art-installation, part machine, it is the perfect centerpiece for any party, cranking out over twenty cocktails for you and all your friends in mere moments. Furthermore, its elliptical shake pattern executes a shake that is superior to traditional methods. On this, Jack comments, “It is both functional and entertaining. Not only is it photo-worthy, it truly produces a superior taste and foam. Our guests continuously comment that it is one of their new favourites.”

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