Levantine Cuisine Re-Imagined by Chef Essam Arabou at Byblos Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria

September 26, 2022,
Alexandria, Egypt

It is not a dish to taste; it is a journey to discover Chef Essam Arabou's innovative and delicious creations inspired by the Levantine region at Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria at San Stefano.

Chef Essam Arabou from Syria was born and raised in Hama. In his hometown, he began at an early age to be part of the culinary scene. He followed his dad in the kitchen at the age of eight and learned the inside-out of the job. From there, he developed a deep fondness for food. By the age of twelve, he was fully capable of cooking a whole lamb on his own.

At Byblos restaurant, Chef Essam has been the creative mind behind every dish since 2017. This month, he decided to bring his innovation to another level. He chose famous plates from the Levantine region and made his magic come alive where he poured his passion into it and sought the finest ingredients.

When asked what he may recommend to guests, he explains, “Each plate brings a story to the table, created with a twist from its original recipe. Guests will find a choice of mezzeh, main dishes and dessert.   Whether it is a messakhan, a chicken dish from Palestine, or mansaf, meat with safflower rice from Jordan, all are cooked with the same love and passion.”

At the restaurant, Manager Michael Alion, and his team invited guests to experience the Levantine Reimagined at Byblos restaurant beginning on September 21. "It is an innovative and exhilarating taste to discover where the rule is that there is no rule. The unique flavours of this region are mixed with its history, memories and personalized Four Seasons service, all combined to carry guests on a fascinating journey."

Call +035818000 to book a Levantine experience at Byblos.