A Local Seafood Experience

Alexandria, Egypt

E.M Foster once wrote of Alexandria: “Then, as now, she belonged not so much to Egypt as to the Mediterranean.” That is true, not from a cultural point of view but a culinary background as well. Having a city on the Mediterranean is a treasure for any chef!

With a picturesque view of the Mediterranean Sea and a reputation for fresh fish, Fish Market is a popular choice for locals and guests alike.  

Everyday in the early morning hours, local fishermen get ready with their handmade fishnets to collect their fresh catch. You can still see this scenery in the old town, and it is what makes Alexandria so alive.

Among all the cities on the Mediterranean, Alexandria offers an enchanting infusion between a cosmopolitan culture and natural sea treasures, served fresh daily on the table by Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria masterful chefs, making Alexandria alive through their culinary creations.

At the beach restaurant, you can taste the most delicious Seafood Fattah - nothing can beat this - made with the freshest catch of the day and special herbs and spices inspired by the sea. Or you can also opt for “Bessaria” - small fish marinated with lemon then fried, it is a sensational feeling with every bite.