But First, Champong

Austin, U.S.A

In Austin, a college standby has received a Four Seasons update.

Held each evening on the Four Seasons Hotel Austin's enviable back lawn, Champong – yes, beer pong played with Champagne – allows guests to relive their college glory days with a side of class.

Surrounded by globe lights and greenery, teams of two face off to see who can make the most ping pong balls in their competitor’s Champagne-filled coupes. Strategy, skill – and likely, sobriety – all play a part in determining which team will ultimately become the Champs champion.

For those who prefer to retain the integrity of their bubbly beverage, the hotel encourages connoisseurs to substitute water for Champagne during play, as long as both teams agree.

Guests can reserve one of two custom Champong tables with the purchase of a premium bottle of Champagne, which starts at USD 105 per bottle. Advance sign-up is required.

Play classy, Austin...