True Italian Taste in the Next Pop Up at Four Seasons Hotel Baku: Cannoli Gusto

Enjoy four different variations of an Italian dessert, crafted by Executive Pastry Chef Suraj Karmakar and his team

October 13, 2021,
Baku, Azerbaijan

This October, the pastry team at Four Seasons Hotel Baku led by the Executive Pastry Chef Suraj Karmakar presents the next limited pop up - Cannoli Gusto.

These Italian delicacies are originally coming from Sicily. Centuries back, cannoli were served as a finger food dessert during the Sicilian Carnival period, but as the interest towards the dessert grew, it can be now enjoyed year-round.

Cannoli consists of tube-shaped shells of golden-brown fried pastry dough, filled with a creamy ricotta.

Suraj Karmakar believes that the secret of the perfect cannoli is in the shell. The thinner it is, the better and tastier. To get a flake away kind of texture the pastry team uses a pasta machine. Only then can the cannoli shells become perfectly tender and flaky.

The menu consists of four various flavoured cannoli. The Hotel’s pastry has elevated the original Sicilian cannoli and innovated three more exclusive flavours: Bronte Pistachio – inspired by the hometown of pistachio; Piedmont Chocolate – using chocolate from the birthplace of Italian chocolate; and Torrone Gelato - mixing three delicious Italian components together (torrone, gelato and cannoli).

Cannoli are best enjoyed when using hands instead of the cutlery and here is the secret of how to eat it in a correct way:  to keep the centre of the shell unbroken and save the best for the last, it’s better to bite from one end and then the other.

Italian delicacies are awaiting guests in Zafferano Restaurant and Piazza Lounge and are priced at AZN 18 per dessert.  

Visit the Hotel, choose a cannoli, take a picture and share on social media by using #CannoliGusto hashtag.

To make a reservation contact the Hotel at and +994124042424.