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Four Seasons Hotel Baku, Azerbaijan

  • 1 Neftchilar Avenue, AZ1095 Baku, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan

Emil Allahverdiyev

Sous Chef
“The most important things in my job are precision and quality.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2013
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Demi Chef de Partie, Four Seasons Hotel Baku

Employment History

  • Azercell, Hyatt Regency Hotel Baku


  • Baku, Azerbaijan

Languages Spoken

  • Azeri, Russian, English, Turkish

Emil Allahverdiyev has loved food since childhood growing up in a family of chefs and people who love to cook.  As he learned to cook, he received their love and encouragement, and it motivated him to improve his skills and create interesting dishes.

He began his career as a steward, always seeking new opportunities to hone his talent.  Having joined Four Seasons Hotel Baku in 2013, he has continued to advance his career and is now responsible for all banqueting as Sous Chef.

Perhaps not surprisingly in a family of cooks, he doesn't usually cook at home, except on special holidays when he likes to surprise everyone with meals he prepares himself, such as his favourite kebabs.  He also take influence from the Hotel's international guests, who he notes usually prefer fish dishes, whereas local guest enjoy both fish and meat-based meals.  Swedish and Italian cuisines are very popular in Azerbaijan, and Emil also enjoys dining on tandir and mangal.

"The most important things in my job are precision and quality," he says, noting that each ingredient is important.  He also encourages young chefs to use their imagination to surprise guests with something new, and he continually researches as innovation is his main motivation. In creating new dishes, he is always thinking about the guest as he pursues the perfect combination of flavours, techniques and presentation.