Where Past, Present and Future Come Together

In the heart of Harbor East, within walking distance of historic neighbourhoods including Fells Point, Little Italy and Canton

Long favoured by native American fisherman and hunters, Chesapeake Bay was first explored fully by Captain John Smith in 1608, and a century later in 1706, the Maryland Colonial Assembly established a port for the tobacco trade at what would become the city of Baltimore in 1729. Before long a city began to grow, and by the time of the American Revolutionary War, a fort was necessary to defend its citizens and business interests. A period of privateering led to an attack by the British in 1814, and victory by the Americans inspired Francis Scott Key to compose The Star Spangled Banner. Throughout American history, Baltimore has remained a strategic connection between the country’s railroads and sea routes, attracting all manner of traders, entrepreneurs and fortune seekers.

Today, with Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore at its heart, the Harbor East neighbourhood is a new kind of meeting place, where long-time locals, newcomers and visitors to the city gather to shop, dine together, browse its galleries and live on the shores of the Port of Baltimore.