Independence Day Offerings at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru

Four Seasons presents a melange of pan-Indian flavours

August 11, 2020,
Bengaluru, India

Indian Independence Day on August 15 is a big reason to celebrate the country’s rich diversity. Every year, the day revives feelings of a shared oneness inspire of the varied nuances. Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has curated a special menu to mark the richness of flavours of this cultural tapestry.

With a Bento Box Menu for takeaway as well as a dine-in option, there are dishes from the vast expanses of the country.

One may open with appetisers such as the delicate khandvi from Gujarat and delicious chapli kebabs, and then gravitate towards mains such as Mangalore prawn gassi or the famous, slow cooked Bengali delicacy kosha mangsho or fragrant awadhi dum biryani. A range of Indian breads go along, such as Khameeri roti, Malabar parotta, fluffy luchis or Amritsari-style kulchas.

To mark a befitting ending, there are regional delights such as honeycombed malai ghevar from Rajasthan, chhanar payesh and ada pradhaman with coconut milk.

In 2020, India will have completed 73 years as an independent nation. Although the current scenario has been far from normal, the rich culinary diversity has always been an overarching theme and gives everyone a shared reason to come together.

The highest level of sanitation and hygiene safety is being followed as per the guidelines of the global Four Seasons program, Lead With Care.

Prices start from:

  • À la carte items: from INR 550 + taxes
  • Bento Box: INR 2,600 + taxes for two persons comprising appetizers (any 2), mains (any 2), biryani (any 1), Indian bread (any 1), dessert (Any 1)