Copitas, the Dynamic Bar on Level 21 of Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru, Has an Exciting New Menu

December 7, 2022,
Bengaluru, India

Recognising their responsibility in reducing impact on the environment, the bar team at Copitas at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru has engaged with the local community through partnerships at the flower market and the neighbourhood greengrocer for sourcing out ingredients such as dried black lemons, and are committed to creating positive change.

Head Mixologist Raj is proud to showcase his in-house peanut liqueur made from a special candy that is a local sweet from his native Tamil Nadu. Interestingly, guests love it so much that many have made a special request to him to not just use it for cocktails, but also sell it as a retail merchandise.

The Greener Future Menu is inspired by the ethos of using every part of the plant - from seed to fruit.

The Copitas team is tackling sustainability head-on with the aim of promoting a more balanced ecosystem to support the bar industry. The menu is designed to spark conversations around nostalgia where one relives their childhood memories with the cooling sips of nannari sherbet on a summer afternoon or a peanut bar (chikki) that were innocently gratifying sweet indulgences back then.

It also has a keen pulse on the future and promotes conversations about sustainability.

The menu is inspired by the idea of using seed to fruit of a plant. The cocktails are artisanal, bright and make use of interesting local elements in the detailing, mixes and garnishes.

  • Fruit: Gin stirred along with homemade black lemon cordial
  • Flower: Rum infused with pot tamarind or kudam puli and pandan leaves; blue pea cordial with a drizzle of soda water for a touch of drama
  • Leaf: Tequila, betel leaves, saffron, honey water, lime juice
  • Stem: Bourbon infused with cloves in a claypot for two days, cinnamon red wine reduction, clarified with milk; served with a garnish of dehydrated pear poached in red wine
  • Root: Vodka infused vetiveria or khus clarified with local nannari syrup, lime and milk
  • Seed: Gold rum with homemade peanut candy liqueur inspired by the peanut chikki, Martini Rosso, lime juice and magic velvet foam

All cocktails are priced at INR 975.

“The Greener Future is an imaginative take on using every part of the plant, and we had a lot of fun researching and mixing the cocktail prototypes. As part of the bartending community, it is important to keep the conversation going in terms of sustainability. It makes our craft even more meaningful. The aim is to promote a more balanced ecosystem to support the bar fraternity,” sums up Sarath Nair, Bar Manager, Copitas.

Over time, elevating environmental initiatives is a mission that has come front and centre across the globe.  Four Seasons has been an avid champion of the same and a fully automated on-site bottling plant at Four Seasons Hotel Bengaluru is yet another testament to the same.

The cheerful team of bartenders at Copitas have taken it upon themselves to minimise waste and are upcycling as they go along. Guests receive re-plantable “seed bombs” as takeaways after their evening of cocktails, and are also encouraged to carry home the coasters used to place their glasses on, as they are made from holy basil seeds, making for meaningful gifts in themselves.

As they say, it takes a village to keep things green and the team of Copitas are certainly doing their bit.