A New Culinary Concept for Food Lovers at Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest

Located in the heart of the Gresham Palace, KOLLÁZS - Brasserie and Bar presents a new gastronomic approach where a selection of delicatesses promise a flavoursome experience for the senses
October 14, 2022,
Budapest, Hungary

KOLLÁZS - Brasserie & Bar introduces a new gastronomic concept, bringing an elevated marché market experience to Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest, under the direction of Executive Chef Árpád Győrffy. Presenting a refined selection of high-end French and Hungarian products, the marché promises to be a true destination for fine food lovers, allowing them to enjoy the authentic taste of art de vivre. Following the launch of Kollázs’ new market space, the highly praised guest favourite Sunday Brunch will also make its return with a special marché menu offering a haven of simple, yet elegantly prepared gourmet dishes. Guests can sample a range of exquisite cold cuts and cheese, complemented with French oysters, oscietra caviar, cured salmon, charcuterie plates, and the very best of foie gras. A savoury assortment of escargot de Bourogne, the beloved Burgundy snail enhanced with a touch of parsley and garlic butter is a true bliss on the menu.

Surprisingly unexpected and delightful, the marché brings together the very best array of cold dishes, a collage of French and Hungarian delicatesses.

Sample menu of the marché includes:

  • Fresh oyster, fine de claire
  • Oscietra caviar
  • Marinated shrimps
  • Cured salmon
  • Anchovy
  • French pickles
  • Selection of French and local cheese
  • French and local charcuterie plate
  • 18months aged mangalica ham
  • Beef carpaccio
  • Paté de campagne
  • Foie gras terrine
  • Escargot de Bourgogne
  • Lyonnaise salad
  • Burrata

All eggs are free range and meat, fish and poultry are responsibly sourced.

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 6:30 am and onwards

To reserve KOLLÁZS MARCHÉ experience contact or call +36 1 268 5408.