A Feast of Latin Flavours at Elena Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires

May 26, 2022,
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elena Restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires will be the scene for a Latin dinner and party commemorating its Latin roots in an evening full of flavours that will have as a host Executive Chef Juan Gaffuri from Elena, who will welcome Gastón Acurio, Harry Sasson and Alejandro Vigil on May 27, 2022 at 8:30 pm.

This special meeting will bring together some of the most prestigious chefs of Latin American cuisine, together with one of the best winemakers in the country. Peru and Colombia will be present with their native cuisine, while Argentina will do the same with its meats, fires and wines.

Hosted chefs are Gastón Acurio, one of the ambassadors of Peruvian cuisine in the world, Harry Sasson, chosen among the most influential chefs in Colombia, promoter of agri-food in that country, and Alejandro Vigil, director of Casa Vigil.

The purpose of this event is to host a "celebration of Latin American cuisine" in which each chef will contribute, through their cuisine, flavours to achieve unity in the region and promote the values ​​of regional products internationally. 
Without a doubt, it will be a true Latin American party, an unforgettable night full of festivities and flavours.