Journey to Italy at Bella Restaurant at Four Seasons

Cairo at Nile Plaza, Egypt

Not everyone has the luxury of taking a few days off to escape the routine and take some of life’s loads off at a heart-warming new city, but what if one could pause life just for a little bit, and make Italy come to you?

Bella restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza is offering you the chance to indulge all your senses in a one-of-a-kind Italian dinner, right at the heart of Cairo.

Take a bite out of your cooked-to-perfection carnaroli risotto while the glowing river Nile winds its way among the glimmering streets of Cairo’s nightlife, creating the perfect contrast of the best of both worlds.

Bring along a tremendous appetite for life, and opt for a multiple-course dinner – just like the Italians do. For antipasti or appetisers, go traditional or be adventurous with revolutionised options; both are exquisite, just to get your senses warmed up for what’s about to happen next.

Primi Piati, or first course, will be the most difficult decision. Lobster linguine, homemade gnocchi, ravioli with shrimps and lobster or homemade ricotta truffle cappelletti? The possibilities are endless. Next for seconds, or Second Piati, a traditional cappelletti right out of an Italian home kitchen, or perhaps veal Milanese style with sundried tomatoes found nowhere else in the city – you’ll find an option for every mood.

The night is still young, and we hear in Italy time stops, especially after that masterpiece of a meal. And because every masterpiece needs a signature, sign-off your palate with a heavenly selection of Dolci, or dessert.

Warm chocolate and mango cake, or our signature tiramisu will match perfectly with your next course: caffé.  Jamaican, Mexican, caramel or a rich simple espresso – all of our coffee selection will leave you floating over the aromas of fragrant Italy.  

Bella restaurant is the spot where the Italian appetite for life and the world renowned Four Seasons hospitality meet, to bring you the best of what Cairo has to offer.