Four Days to Fall in Love with Cairo

With so many great things to discover in Cairo, the expert Concierge team at Four Seasons led by Chief Concierge Dalia Khalil share their favourite four-day itinerary to explore the best Cairo has to offer.
Cairo at Nile Plaza, Egypt

Located in the heart of Cairo on the banks of the River Nile, Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza opens the door to discovering Egypt’s 5,000-year-old ancient mysteries. 


8:00 am – Wake up to an extraordinary view of River Nile, take a moment to relish the fact that right now, the country that hosted the world's greatest kings and queens from the beginning of time is now yours to delve into.

9:00 am – Head over to Zitouni restaurant, the most authentic Egyptian restaurant in Cairo, for a power breakfast, including traditional Egyptian breakfast delicacies to jump-start an exciting day.

10:00 am – The Hotel's expert Concierge team recommends beginning the day with a walk through one of Cairo’s oldest and most authentic 1,000-year-old market, Khan El Khalili. From historical architectural marvels, mosques and colourful handcrafted-souvenirs to tucked-away famous cafes and authentic nooks, you’ll find so much to see and do. Be sure to step into the 240-year old El Fishawy Café for a cup of coffee or tea with mint.

2:00 pm
 – Time for lunch! Grab a seat at the popular local restaurant Naguib Mahfouz, the best place in Old Cairo to have an authentic taste of Egyptian cuisine while surrounded by heritage and history, and catered to by the generous locals.

4:00 pm – Return to the Hotel and step into the Spa to relive some of the Pharaohs’ beauty secrets. Treatments such as the Cleopatra bath, Nefertari massage and many more will carry guests into the highest state of bliss.

7:00 pm – Step into Bella and experience little Italy by the Nile, where the flavours of Tuscany meet in a carefully orchestrated symphony of ingredients, curated by the city's most sought-after chefs.

9:00 pm – End this exciting day with a relaxing night underneath a blanket of glittering stars by the breezy Pool Grill. Ask the sommelier to pair dinner with a matching cocktail for a fantastic cherry-on-top of the first night in Cairo.



9:00 am – Wake up to a colourful canvas of gradient shades of blue, beginning from the Nile all the way up to the sky, with enjoying a delicious breakfast selection from the In-room Dining Menu.

11:00 am – The long morning hours are among the best times in Cairo. Take advantage and escape the heat with a cooling dip at the Hotel’s swimming pool. Lounge and soak up the sun with a refreshing drink in hand, and let the cooling breeze that follows blow away any thoughts. 

1:00 pm – With all the fun at the pool, you must have worked up an appetite by now; why not grab a bite from the incredible Pool Grill. Whether you're craving a light salad or a tasteful oriental mixed grill fresh from the charcoal, the Pool Grill will whip it right up!

5:00 pm – Steps from the hotel, glide through the world's longest river, the Nile, just as the golden Egyptian sun starts to sink into the soft waves of the river. Let the breeze, the aromas in the fresh air and the sounds of fresh waters tickle your senses, to give you one unforgettable sunset escape.

7:00 pm – Get ready to experience Cairo by night and witness the Great Sphinx and Pyramids come alive through the fantastic Sound and Light show, to take you on a mystifying trip through the history of Ancient Egypt.

10:00 pm – After a night-time excursion, a truly Chinese dining experience at 8 restaurant is a must - From heavenly dim sum and crispy Peking duck to Chef Chen's homemade noodles.



8:00 am – Begin the day in the company of true royalty, as you witness where the story of life began; a tour to the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx is enough to keep you gazing in awe for days to come.

12:00 noon – Take a trip to the Egyptian Museum for a fascination to last forever. Discover the treasures of Tutankhamun and travel back in time to one of the world's most fascinating cultures. 

3:00 pm – Head up to Upper Deck Lounge for a heart-warming selection of sushi and international dishes, served in a laid-back ambience and surrounded by a unique local art collection of paintings and handcrafted sculptures.

6:00 pm – Keep the indulgence flowing and step into the Spa's indoor pool, Jacuzzi, sauna or steam room to make sure everyone is refreshed and ready for a night in the glittering city.

8:00 pm – Cairo's long nights are unmatched anywhere in the region; spend a night at The Bar, overlooking the city outlined by the River Nile as the gentle music and dimmed lights set the tone for the night.


Day 4

9:00 am – Because great times go fast, take a moment to bask in Cairo's glimmering sunshine and enjoy the scenery from the sanctuary of your suite to boost the mood all the way through your journey home.

10:00 am – Whether choosing to hold on to the magical views of the Nile and have breakfast served in the privacy of the comfortable suite, or opting for alfresco continental breakfast by the pool, a pleasant experience awaits to prepare guests for an exciting day ahead.

11-:00 am – Get a glimpse of how Egyptians used to live 400 years ago by visiting the Gayer Anderson Museum, one of Cairo's hidden gems. With its rich history, unique interiors and artistic masterpieces, it is the best-preserved epitome of the 17th-century Egyptian houses left in the city.

5:00 pm – As the sun descends, step onto your terrace and watch as the bright sun rays, blue skies, Cairo's skyline and the magical sunset combine to create an all-natural masterpiece, along with the awe-inspiring historical scenery of the distant Giza Pyramids.

8:00 pm – Whether enjoying the show as one of Cairo's many folklore talents take over the stage, watching in fascination as the Cairo Ballerinas take the stage like butterflies, or listening to the melodious tunes of the Cairo Symphony Orchestra with their flawless performance; the Cairo Opera House is a must-visit stop before leaving Cairo. 

10:30 pm – For an everlasting impression of Egypt, dinner today has to be overlooking the Nile. For a little added twist, an all-Egyptian dinner at Zitouni restaurant will make sure your taste buds never forget the true flavours of Egypt. Order a pair of pigeons, Molokheya and an authentic rice casserole for a meal that will have everyone hooked on Egyptian cuisine, making sure they come back soon!


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