Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Celebrates Holistic Wellbeing This June

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai presents a series of experiences for guests to immerse in their wellbeing throughout June 2019.

May 15, 2019,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Enveloped in lush emerald rice paddies, overlooking the majestic Doi Suthep mountain range, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai naturally lends itself to rejuvenation amid an abundance of outdoor living spaces. With the onset of the Glorious Geen Season in Northern Thailand, guests are invited to dedicate their visit to the cultural capital of Thailand to discover the Art of Mindfulness and immerse in a multitude of wellbeing experiences this June.

Inner Life Yoga
On June 8, 2019, Thai master and yoga teacher, Khun Lek presents a transformative practice, using asanas to identify energy blocks in the body. "It's not so much about how your asana looks – posture and balance matters the most," explains Khun Lek, "Inner Life Yoga places the self at the centre of its teachings and its practices are aligned to awaken connection from mind to breath, muscle to tissue." Combining stillness, dynamic energetic movements and stimulating extensions, the sessions bring practitioners closer to their inner selves and sources of power.

  • Private session: 60 minutes THB 2,800++ per person
  • Private session: 90 minutes THB 3,500++ per person

Kri Yoga
Between June 14 and 23, 2019, the Resort presents guests with an opportunity to meet and interact with visiting yoga expert, Srinivas Suresh Kamal (Dr Master Kamal). Having mastered different styles of yoga including Hatha, Raja, Ashtanga and Kundalini yoga since the age of five, Dr Master Kamal has launched Kri Yoga, based on the subtle, static and dynamic prana-vinyasa (breath-flow) practice derived from ancient yoga practices. "Kri Yoga is a combination of unique elements of yoga and other disciplines that I have studied over the past twenty years to develop superior mental and physical health. By improving muscular strength and endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and bone strength, glandular efficiency, flexibility, mental fitness, this form of yoga improves communion between the material and spiritual worlds," explains Dr Master Kamal. In addition to private lessons, the visiting practitioner will conduct an intense two-day Yoga Retreat from June 20-22, 2019, which will include a range of yoga practices, combined with spa and relaxation experiences.

  • Group session: 60 minutes THB 1,000++ per person
  • Private session: 60 minutes THB 3,000++ per person
  • Private session: 90 minutes THB 3,800++ per person

With our compliments
Celebrate Global Wellness Day on June 8, 2019, beginning with a Monk Offering to offer respect and devotion to Buddha in local Thai tradition, followed by Sunrise Yoga with visiting practitioner, Khun Lek, who will use props to enhance the experience. After this session, guests can savour a hearty wellness breakfast at Khao by Four Seasons. In the afternoon, guests are welcome to join a Wellness Talk by Dr R Raja Raja Chozhan, Director of Wellness, followed by Inner Brain yoga by Thai master and yoga teacher, Lek Kittikunadul (Khun Lek) to focus on mindfulness and reconnection. In addition to the Wellness Talk, Dr Raja will offer complimentary consultations throughout the day for guests who would like to discover more about their wellbeing.