Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai Introduces Naturopath Sudha Nair

The Resort enhances its experiences in holistic health and wellness
June 4, 2020,
Chiang Mai, Thailand

“Surrender to nature, it will heal you,” affirms Naturopath Sudha Nair, as she anchors the soon-to-be-launched journey of wellbeing program at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai with these guiding principles.

“I want to encourage people to have faith in the power within – just like the other living beings around us – giving a chance to heal naturally,” she shares, bringing more than 15 years of experience in naturopathy and yoga practice to the resort’s team of experts. In her role, Sudha will help guests gain confidence in body’s ability to heal itself through 2-7-day restorative programs designed to alleviate pain, manage weight, combat stress and cleanse the mind, body and spirit.

Mindful Healing

Set amid lush paddies in Chiang Mai’s countryside, with mountain peaks forming the perfect backdrop, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai lends itself naturally to healing and wellness.

Among the various new experiences that will be launched, Sudha focuses on the power of mindfulness connected to day-to-day activities and hobbies. Taking inspiration from the Japanese Zen tradition of tea ceremony and inspired by ichigo ichi, meaning “one time, one meeting,” she shares, “Drinking tea is a part of our daily routine. This meditation brings a focus to mindfulness of the experience – from boiling the water, feeling the warmth of the cup, to eventually savouring the tea.”

An artist herself, Sudha’s session in Mandala meditation combines art and spirituality to provide healing in a profound way. “There’s an artist in every one of us – an experience like this allows for release and expression of feelings and emotions that are otherwise suppressed and lead to health complications,” she explains.

Restorative Yoga

Having combined yoga and naturopathy through her years of practice, Sudha has been able to hone a deeper understanding of physical wellbeing and its relationship with mental and emotional states. Through restorative yoga practice, Sudha focuses on relaxing the muscles and calming the nervous system to give guests an opportunity to identify the body’s strengths and areas of opportunity.

Food for the Soul

“Hippocrates said almost 2,500 years ago, ‘leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal the patient with food.’ If we get too much food that gives our body the wrong instructions, we can become overweight, undernourished and at risk of developing disease. In short, food helps the body function in the right or wrong way, depending on what you consume,” shares Sudha, who has worked closely with the Resort’s Executive Chef Liam Nealon and Consultant Nutritional Therapist Magalie Paillard to create menus that truly reflect the spirit of the journey of wellbeing programs. “Our menus are all about balance – in ingredients, in food groups and of course, taste!” she smiles. After a consultation with the guest, she will curate personalised menus for the duration of stay, based on specific goals and expectations.

Sudha prides herself in being socially-conscious and hope to pass on some of her key learnings to guests. “With each consultation, I would like to give guests insights and tips on how they can make small changes in their lives that can ultimately lead to a sustainable lifestyle that suits,” she shares.