A Sensory Journey: Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Northern Thailand is a treat for the senses and at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, guests can immerse in a truly Thai experience, in the comfort of a sanctuary of wellbeing. Overlooking lush paddies and within close proximity to beautiful mountains, the Resort provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing get-away from concrete jungles. Soothing for the eyes, pleasing on the ears and soft on touch – the experience here will leave one rejuvenated with renewed spirit and energy.


The Resort is an extraordinary inland hideaway with manicured rivers of green through the beautiful Mae Rim valley. The garden⁠ - reminiscent of the ancient Lanna Kingdom⁠ and quilted with a variety of special touches, volcanic stone paths, over-bridges, and rushing rivers-  is a feast for the eyes.


Signaling the end of a working day on the rice fields, the Farmers Parade is a daily tradition. Walking through the paddies, beating their drums, the farmers gather to sing a traditional Thai song before making their way home. Sundowners at Ratree Bar or afternoon tea at the deck of Khao by Four Seasons are the perfect complement to this celebration of hard work and dedication.


The tropical gardens of the Resort have flourished under the magic touch of famed landscape architect Bill Bensley, whose love of Asian botanicals is clearly reflected in the effortlessly lush scenery. Guests can explore a variety of exotic plants and flowers that abound the Resort, from magical rain trees and tropical fruits to the sweet, fresh scent of Thai jasmine. The Resort’s nature expert Padi Yuthasastrkosol will regale with tales of Thai culture and tradition on this interactive sensory tour suited for all ages.


Perfecting Thai cuisine is an art, and the chefs at Rim Tai Kitchen are world-class masters. After spending the morning amid the energy and excitement of the local markets, the Resort’s chef-instructors present a hands-on lesson in preparing delicious Thai dishes at the Resort’s renowned cooking academy.


At the award-winning Spa the experienced therapists provide deep insight into ritualistic Thai traditions, while focusing on the balance of mind, body and spirit. The experiences at The Spa reflect the cultural fabric of Thailand, with inspired treatments that bring about harmony.