Vacation Learning: 5 Fun Experiences for Kids at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai, Thailand

At Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, kids aren’t an afterthought. The Resort offers a series of well-designed activities for both teenagers and young children to connect with Thailand’s vibrant culture. A dedicated Kids Club and exceptional staff ensure that each experience is loads of fun as well as safe: “This is one of the main reasons so many families with children return to our Resort year after year,” smiles Ploenpit Saokaew, Kids Club Attendant.

Ploenpit recommends 5 wonderful things kids can learn during their stay:

1. Rice planting. With its very own working rice fields, the Resort offers a valuable opportunity to experience the farming culture of Northern Thailand. “Kids learn about the fascinating journey of rice and see the hard work that goes into farming, giving them a new appreciation for the food on their plates,” she says. They also get a chance to spend time in nature and plant crops with their own hands. The Kids Club team takes the young guests for an educational walk in the fields, where they observe first hand how rice is grown. Along the way, they also get to meet the Resort’s famous resident buffaloes. “At the rice museum, the kids explore different types of rice and their benefits. Finally, they join the farmers to plant rice sprouts in the paddies. Needless to say, they love splashing around!” she laughs.

2. Krathong making. This enriching experience combines crafting and celebrations. “Along with the traditional art of making krathongs (floating banana-leaf sculptures), kids learn about the spiritual side of Thailand’s festivals, giving them an up-close insight into a new culture,” says Ploenpit, adding that the story of the Krathong Festival sets the stage for the young craftspeople to make their own krathongs by cutting and folding banana leaves into different shapes. The sculptures are decorated with flowers, incense sticks and candles. Then, it’s time for the kids to put on their farming outfits and join the rice farmers for their song-filled evening parade through the Resort. Afterwards, the floating krathongs are released into the pond.

3. Muay Thai. Training in the traditional Thai martial art of Muay Thai allows young guests to put their energy to good use, along with teaching them the value of fitness, discipline and respect. This exhilarating lesson is a great way to understand that being active and strong can be fun. “Muay Thai for kids is taught by the Resort’s resident trainer, who introduces the unique sport in a safe setting,” says Ploenpit. As the kids practice stretching and techniques to control their body and mind, they also learn the philosophy behind this martial art.

4. Batik painting. This colourful activity sparks the imagination while also teaching the importance of technique. Kids learn a new art form, experience the joy of being creative, and take home a self-made Four Seasons souvenir – more precious than any store-bought item. After explaining the special methods of batik, the Kids Club team guides the young artists as they choose a pattern, prepare the colours, and paint their own designs onto a handkerchief or scarf. The original creations are then dried, washed, ironed and kept ready for the kids to collect.

5. Lanna dress-up and picture frame making. At this exciting dress-up party, little ones enjoy a peep into Thai culture and learn about local outfits. They also get a chance to work with sa paper, a traditional paper made of mulberry bark, and decorate their own handiwork. After being introduced to various Lanna and hill-tribe garments, the young guests choose their favourite outfit to wear. The costume party continues with fun photo shoots around the Resort grounds. “The kids then make a picture frame out of sa paper and decorate it in their own style. In the end, they add a photo of themselves in costume – the perfect memento of their adventure at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai,” she smiles.