Char by Four Seasons: Working with Local Communities


Chiang Mai, Thailand

At Char by Four Seasons at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai, the team of chefs have been particular about working with the local communities to ensure that crisp flavours are elevated with finesse and flair. Anthony Gill, General Manager, Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai and Tented Camp Golden Triangle, shares, “Making a strong connection with the local community is an important goal, as sustainability is key to the restaurant’s success. Here are some of the key partners that the restaurant has associated with to deliver on their promise."

Salt factory in Mae Rim valley: Sourced from northeastern Thailand, Pisan's factory in Chiang Mai has been producing the finest quality of salt for over two decades. “Our chefs are delighted to use this pure treasure in the menu for signature dishes such as arctic char salt baked with brown butter and lemon, to marinate the organic chicken or seasoning the premium cuts of meat from the wood-fired pit,” explain Marco Avesani, Sous Chef of Char by Four Seasons.

In Clay Pottery Studio:  “The plates and serve-ware have been handcrafted in small batches using natural glazing, giving it a natural character,” explains Marco. Local artisanal In Clay Pottery’s products are inspired by the surrounding landscape and the innate beauty of Chiang Mai, producing one-of-a-kind hand-thrown ceramics. Local artisan Jirawong Wongtrangan has spent seven years studying and practicing the art of ceramics, “His passion for ceramics complements the plates of art being created by our culinary masters,” smiles Marco.

Take Me Home Tomatoes:  Grown in greenhouses 10 minutes away from the Resort, Take Me Home Tomatoes are vine ripened, juicy and freshly picked, every day. “Thomas Ruiter and Menno Keppe help local farmers produce A-grade tomatoes, right here in Chiang Mai, and our delighted to use them in the kitchen,” says Marco.

Charcoal and wood from sustainable farm: Born and raised in Lampoon near Chiang Mai, Thanayut decided to give up the rat race and join his family in their longan farm. “Inspired to keep the traditional charcoal kiln alive, he has handcrafted the Tao Pao Tan using brick, clay and water,” explains Marco. Processed over 10 days, the longan wood from this sustainable farm fires up the barbecue pit at the restaurant every day.

Organic figs: “Anothai's organic fig farm produces delicious, sweet fruit all year-round. With the support of local farmers, he uses sustainable ways to bring the very best of flavours to our kitchen,” says Marco, whose signature salad with fig and goat’s cheese is elevated with this fresh ingredient.

Custom handmade steak knives: Handcrafted wood handle made from Siamese rosewood, local blacksmith Wanchana uses N695 steel quality for the sharpest blade, complimented by a natural layered pattern and colour. “A special local touch for your dining pleasure,” smiles Marco.

Mountain Fresh - Organic certified vegetable from the hills, Mountain Fresh is located in Samoeng district, 40 minutes away from the Resort. “With pollution-free and natural untouched environment, all the freshest vegetables come straight from local farmers, with a focus on quality farming practices,” shares Marco.

With natural vistas of Mae Rim’s terraced rice-fields and the mountains beyond, Char by Four Seasons sets the stage for the riveting culinary theatre its sustainable menu promises.