London Fashion Week at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing

March 29, 2016,
Beijing, China

Wolfgang Gieler presents in collaboration with House of iKons and Four Seasons Hotel Beijing a selection of the most talented fashion designers worldwide. Fresh of the runway in London, the pieces of seven designers from the House of iKons family will be displayed at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing at the end of March 2016.

Supported by The Prince’s Trust (founded by Prince Charles), House of iKons has been established to promote upcoming fashion talent worldwide. House of iKons’ CEO, Savita Kaye, will personally represent all her designers in Beijing during the exhibition week. She will also give local fashion talent a chance to show their designs and become part of their 2017 London Fashion Week show.

Wolfgang Gieler is a German shoe designer; his designs unite confidence, elegance and sexiness. His passion for shoes is featured in each pair of Wolfgang Gieler shoes, which is the reason every style has a unique name and distinct story.

Yen is well known for dressing and designing for members of the royal and ruling families in United Arab Emirates. Since his show in London in 2014, Yen has dressed many celebrities on the red carpet including at the Grammys 2016 and Golden Globes 2015.

London-based design duo Albert Martincich and Kany Dao are the creative force behind couture label Albert Martincich London. They were published in Hollywood Weekly, and have dressed top models and actors on the red carpet, Bai Ling being the most recent celebrity.

The British designer Emilia Walls is the founder of I Love Four Seasons. Emilia creates exclusive and elegant evening gowns for pageant contestants in Europe for 25 years.

H El Bou was born in Morocco and grew up in Spain, her collection is influenced by both cultures, which is evident in her designs. H El Bou is well known for her bespoke pieces.

Haus of MoHawk from Ireland has launched her line of dresses during London Fashion Week 2016. Since the show the BBC has featured her creations on TV.

Jacket designer Boastie of London will be bringing limited edition pieces designed exclusively for Four Seasons Hotel Beijing.

Iris Li
Director of Public Relations and Communications
48 Liang Ma Qiao Road Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100125