Symphony of Wind and Moon: Four Seasons Hotel Beijing Presents Exquisite Mooncakes as The Perfect Mid-Autumn Festival Gift

July 24, 2023,
Beijing, China

Indulge in the beauty and splendour of the autumn moon with the gift of Four Seasons. Adhering to its tradition and reputation for premium quality, the mooncakes symbolize the sincere well-wishes of the team at Four Seasons Hotel Beijing, which has specially crafted the elegant mooncake gift boxes as the ideal accompaniment for the festive season. As a celebration of the reunion between two lovers during full moon, the mooncakes not only serve to add a sense of ritual to the Mid-Autumn Festival, they also symbolize hope and friendship.

As the full moon luminates in its full glory, it is the ripe time for reunion. Four Seasons Hotel seamlessly harmonizes innovation and tradition during this joyous occasion by launching three elegant and stylish Mid-Autumn mooncake gift boxes, integrating creativity and heritage, while expressing the understated luxury that exemplifies Four Seasons brand. Employing moiré stripes on the gift boxes, a gentle pull of the inner box compartment sets off the realistic visual showcase of the moon’s waxing and waning, alongside the ingenious motion of the Jade Rabbit hopping in joy. Made from premium ingredients the taste of the delicate mooncakes is a tantalizing combination of rich layers, mellowness and fragrance, ranging from the classic custard mooncakes to the white peach jasmine to neutralize the aftertaste; rendering them the perfect Mid-Autumn gifts for relatives and friends. By infusing traditional conceptualizations of mooncakes with new ideas, guests can enjoy reunion and and savour the taste of elegant beauty.

The Classic Mooncake Box depicts the gradual shifts in the shape of the moon and the radiance of the Jade Rabbit, conveying the well-wishes of the moonlight-gazing audience basking in the warmth of reunion.

Priced at CNY 288 (six pieces) per box, the set includes 1 coconut paste mooncake, 1 peach with jasmine tea mooncake, 2 lotus paste with egg yolk mooncakes, and 2 tangerine red bean paste mooncakes. Each piece weighs 80 grams.

The Deluxe Mooncake Box celebrates the season of love and happiness through the radiance of the full moon and the lively Jade Rabbit, a vivid symbolism of the joys of festive reunion. Surrounded by the illuminous shadows and the starry night, the golden moon conveys sincere blessings for the season.

Priced at CNY 488 (six pieces) per box, the set includes 1 conpoy with XO sauce mooncake, 1 steamed abalone with fish maw mooncake, 2 lotus paste with double egg yolk mooncakes, and 2 ham and mixed nuts mooncakes. Each piece weighs 180 grams.

The Lava Mooncake Box consists of the hopping Jade Rabbit, which symbolizes reunion and hope. The illuminous moon and the elegant beauty express the joyous celebration of the season.

Priced at CNY 388 (eight pieces) per box, the set includes 8 lava custard mooncakes. Each piece weighs 60 grams.

The stars accompany the moon, illuminating hearst with the meaning of festive reunion and conveying its blessings of joy and auspicity. Four Seasons Hotel Beijing mooncake gift boxes are now available for sale and the quantity is limited, while stocks last. Purchase before August 6, 2023 to enjoy 15 percent savings. Group purchases of more than 100 boxes and other large orders can enjoy 35 percent savings. Orders of more than 50 boxes are entitled to free delivery service (delivery to the same address in Beijing within 50-kilometre radius from the Hotel). To customize an order with a corporate logo, a confirmation of the order is required 15 working days in advance. For orders of 500 boxes and more, an additional CNY 2,000 will be charged for each variety of mooncake gift boxes. For more information, call +86 (10) 5695 8950.



Iris Li
Director of Public Relations and Communications
48 Liang Ma Qiao Road Chaoyang District
Beijing, 100125