An Enlightened Path Forward at Four Seasons Hotel Guangzhou

January 20, 2022,
Guangzhou, China

While modern medicine can often play an integral role in curing what ails us, ancient mystics have long claimed that there is no healing power greater than self-healing. Progressive yet traditional, Hua Spa at Four Season Hotel Guangzhou is now offering a unique healing treatment featuring the mystical meditation of Sanskrit chanting and patting frequency created by Mongolian healer and musician Urgon.

By integrating sound healing with Mongolian medical patting methodology, Urgon’s channeling of positive energy puts both body and mind at ease. The prelude of Sanskrit chanting serves to establish the connection between the healer and guest as they relax into a blissful, meditative state.

Urgon then begins the gentle yet rhythmic patting techniques on acupoints of the body as the patting frequency gradually synchronises with the guest’s body harmony. The holistic treatment helps to unblock the meridian, improve microcirculation and purify one’s mood while also enhancing self-healing.

The methodology derives from the seven chakras that are the vital centre of spiritual power within the human body in which energy flows freely from one chakra to the next. These energetic sensors help regulate all the internal functions of the body, such as boosting the immune system and regulating  emotions.  Positioned in a straight line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head, each chakra has its own vibrational frequency.

Recently recognised as the Best Spiritual Treatment of the Year by SpaChina Wellness & Spa, this award-winning treatment is part of Hua Spa’s mantra emphasising awareness in healing. Conceptually revered in Chinese lore, awareness is linked to reflection, contemplation and self-healing.  

The time-honoured roots of balanced chakras and their healing powers are ancient and mystical. Thanks to the work of spiritual healer and musician Urgon, a modern treatment for culling positive energy has emerged at Hua Spa. Come enjoy the best of both worlds - a state of the art treatment whose roots are thousands of years old.

About Hua Spa

Escaping the urban din 69 floors below on the streets of Guangzhou, guests will find a softly lit, gently perfumed retreat where they can relax, rejuvenate, and simply be pampered. The experience at Hua Spa is inspired by flowers – hua in Mandarin – from the light scent of geranium and rose as one enters to the lavish blend of indigenous flowers in signature therapies and treatments. This sophisticated urban sanctuary offers nine treatment rooms, all with natural light through floor-to-ceiling windows. Included are three deluxe spa suites – complete with their own vitality tub and rain shower – especially designed for couples. Private shower and steam room are found in all treatment rooms to ensure ultimate privacy. Hua Spa also features an extensive water based treatment area with Vichy Shower and Rhassoul Chamber.

Yvonne Ye
Manager of Public Relations
5 Zhujiang West Road, Pearl River New City, Tianhe District
Guangzhou, 510623