Experience Skin-Perfecting Science Met with the Natural Riches of the Azores Islands at The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong

February 23, 2024,
Hong Kong, China

Under the fast-paced rhythm and high expectations of modern living, the acts of spending time and taking tactile care of oneself have become much sought-after luxuries. The Spa at Four Seasons introduces Ignae, a transformative Azorean skincare brand that combines cutting-edge science, sustainable practices in its product and treatment suite, packing powerful anti-ageing effects as much as they prize the healing power of the human touch.

The Ignae brand is at the forefront of a new wave of clean beauty brands that prioritise sustainability, transparency in its formulas and practices, and of course, is highly performance-driven. Vegan, cruelty-free and paraben-free, the brand was created by Azores native Miguel Pombo, an EU beauty industry veteran, who partnered with global luxury entrepreneur Claire Chung in 2020.

“Ignae's research driven, evidence backed and high performing products along with their commitment to hands-on techniques based on age old Ayurveda and TCM methods make them dream partners to work with. This holistic approach aligns perfectly with The Spa at Four Seasons values of delivering authentic wellness experiences to our guests. We are delighted to launch three holistic mind, body and facial experiences with Ignae at the spa here,” says Dr. Tania Bardhan, Senior Director of Spa at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong.

Experience the Forefront of AI-powered Biotechnology

Ignae conducts its own biotechnical research and development on the Azores islands, which has allowed it to create more meaningful and effective products while consuming less. “The future of skincare is about leveraging biotech to increase efficacy, sustainability and looking to nature as a solution to regeneration," says CEO Claire Chung.

Innovation is not just found within the bottle for Ignae – from ingredient research and development to customer touchpoints, the entire journey is enhanced with Google’s AI technology, which has accelerated the process of testing and fine-tuning products.

Rich in Nutrients from Nature

Ignae derives its ingredients and spirit from the Azores, a pristine cluster of mid-Atlantic volcanic islands in Portugal. The skincare brand develops its own biotechnological innovations to sustainably harness the archipelago’s rich source of plants, which derives its regenerative ingredients from the island’s fertile volcanic soil, providing potent skin healing properties.

Native ingredients such as camellia, cedar and spirulina are then fused with mineral-rich thermal water sourced from Furnas, the area’s lush centre of geothermal activity boasting dozens of varieties of spring water that nourish thousands of distinct botanical species.

The brand’s breakthrough innovation is its proprietary EPC Factor, which helps enhance absorption of precious plant extracts deeply into the skin for superior results. Made by extracting liposomes from Azorian plants and algae, they measure a miniscule 400 nanometres, mimicking the phospholipids present in our skin’s barrier and making it easier for beneficial ingredients to slip into the skin’s deeper layers.

New Treatments at The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong

The new suite of spa treatments at Four Seasons Hong Kong, comprising three distinct 90- to 120-minute facial and body experiences, complement the latest technology with relaxing manual techniques and practices influenced by traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic philosophies.

The Ignae Digital Detox Retreat (HKD 3,600–3,800) is a 120-minute experience designed to relieve the stresses of an urban, device-led lifestyle, from muscular tiredness to blue light damage on the skin. This treatment lavishes guests in Azorean aromatherapy oils in a welcoming foot bath, reflexology, scrub and full body massage, while skincare powered by Ignae’s EPC Factor, including its Blue Light Serum, soothes and restores the dermis for a rejuvenated glow.

Meanwhile, two distinct 90-minute treatments work to stimulate and regenerate the complexion in different ways. The Ignae Powerful Recharging Facial (HKD 3,280–3,480) harnesses phycocyanin of Azorean spirulina, a powerful antioxidant shown to accelerate wound healing and stimulate collagen production, and pairs it with expert lymphatic drainage techniques to detox and lift the skin. The Ignae Fountain of Youth Holistic Facial (HKD 3,280–3,480) focuses a tailored Gua Sha massage technique – a technical protocol developed especially by Ignae in partnership with a university in Shanghai – to enhance blood circulation, skin elasticity and cellular regeneration, not to mention release tension in the facial muscles. Paired with highly concentrated active ingredients from Ignae’s proprietary EPC Factor, the result is an immediately visible anti-ageing effect.

All three signature treatments and Ignae’s high performance skincare range are now available at The Spa at Four Seasons Hong Kong.

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