Embrace Stillness in a Fast-Paced World at Four Seasons Resorts Bali During Balinese New Year’s “Silent Day”

January 22, 2024,
Bali, Indonesia

While traditional Balinese Galungan and Kuningan holidays occur every 210 days, Nyepi – or Balinese New Year – falls on a moveable date around March each year. Rarely do these two celebrations coincide, which makes 2024 a very special year indeed.

In honour of this auspicious double event, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan are bringing guests immersive and complimentary cultural, wellness, and food and beverage experiences through two luxury accommodation promotions – Stay Longer – Fourth Night Free plus the Indonesia Residents Offer. Applicable for check-in on March 8 to 10, guests will also enjoy the additional benefits of a complimentary breakfast and dinner for two on Nyepi, March 11, 2024.

Seeking Stillness and Meaning

In a loud, fast-paced world that prioritises productivity, Nyepi is a mesmerising and transformative one-of-a-kind event. Also known as Silent Day, this special festival provides a unique insight into Bali’s heartfelt culture and traditions. While many world cultures mark the new year with high energy social gatherings, for the Balinese it is a time to undergo a welcome digital detox and recharge the spirit through silence, introspection, prayer and meditation. The airport is closed for the day, no fire or light is permitted throughout the island for 24 hours and people stay at home with their families, celebrating the values of kindness, connection and love. A series of cultural events – including a parade and ritual burning of giant Ogoh-Ogoh puppets in every village – also take place the day before Nyepi.

Kuningan, taking place on March 9, 2024, is the pinnacle of Galungan, a religious festival celebrating the victory of virtue over evil. During this time, the island comes alive over 10 consecutive days with ritual events, colourful decorations and traditional offerings to the spirits.

“So many of us long for inner stillness, more meaning in our lives and rejuvenation, so we're delighted to share the restorative power of Nyepi and Bali's magical cultural traditions with our guests from around the globe," comments Mathilde Adam, Senior Director of Sales and Marketing of Four Seasons Resorts Bali. “We’re honoured that both our Nyepi and Kuningan celebrations are led by our local cultural ambassadors and craftspeople, instilling their passion, care and knowledge into every experience.”

A Mesmerising Cultural Immersion

Both Four Seasons Resorts Bali will have an array of mindful Nyepi events for guests to choose from: learning traditional Aksara (Sanskrit calligraphy); making the Balinese herbal health tonic, jamu; weaving klangsah, decorative ornaments made of coconut leaves, and more. Not-to-be-missed, the Mebuu Buu ritual procession features smoke, torches and loud gongs believed to cleanse the environment, as well as the traditional burning of giant Ogoh-Ogoh puppets.

Special Kuningan celebrations—available on-site at both Resorts on March 9 and 10 —range from sacred dining to traditional performances. At Sayan, guests can learn how to make a symbolic decorated bamboo Penjor before “feasting on prosperity” with Chef Wayan (Suta) Sutariawan’s Nasi Kuning at Ayung Terrace. A shared spit-roast in the Resort’s temple grounds marks the occasion at Jimbaran Bay alongside live music and dancing, while a traditional shadow puppet show invites a journey into Balinese Hindu myth and folklore.

A Time of Reflection

At Sayan on Nyepi Eve, March 10, guests can shake off the existing year’s stresses with Afternoon Power Yoga, ready for the new year ahead. Drawing on the resonance of this sacred occasion, on March 11 both Resorts invite guests to experience the peaceful, reflective ambience of Nyepi Day though meaningful spa and wellness experiences. Meditation and AntiGravity Yoga allow for inspired introspection at Jimbaran Bay, while Sayan’s highlights include Sound Healing, the Sacred Nap experience and Womb Wellness Yoga. As the evening draws in on Nyepi, a special New Year meditation at Sayan makes the most of the flight- and light-free skies to indulge in restorative stargazing.  

Heartfelt Family Bonding

Nyepi is a magical moment for all to enjoy – and a wonderful time for families to visit Bali, to spend uninterrupted time together and truly immerse in the nuances of the local culture. The Umah Rare Kids Club at Jimbaran Bay will also entertain youngsters with authentic Balinese games and cultural experiences, from Wayang colouring to Canang sari making and crafting mini Ogoh-Ogoh puppets. At Sayan, the Pici-Pici Kids Club takes curious kids on imaginative, culture-rich adventures through special play and arts programs inspired by the festivals.

Discover the full Kuningan and Nyepi activities at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Jimbaran Bay and Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan.

For further details and bookings, visit the website here, contact the Reservations team at Four Seasons Resorts Bali via email at reservations.bali@fourseasons.com or get in touch with the Resorts via FS Chat.


Camilla Chiam
Senior Director of Public Relations and Communications

Jimbaran, 80361
Adrian Pardede
Assistant Director of Public Relations and Communications

Jimbaran, 80361