Xiao Ting at Four Seasons Hotel Macao Presents Winter Afternoon Tea Set

Crafted with organic and sustainable Vanilla by Prova Gourmet

December 7, 2023,
Macau, China

As the festive season approaches, Four Seasons Hotel Macao introduces an exquisite Winter Afternoon Tea Set at Xiao Ting, featuring the delightful flavour of vanilla sourced from Madagascar. The essence of vanilla brings comforting warmth and joy to both sweet and savoury treats, creating a magical experience.

In the pursuit of this magical ingredient, Four Seasons Hotel Macao has partnered with Prova Gourmet, an esteemed supplier of organic and sustainable vanilla, through longstanding relationships with trusted producers, to ensure the highest quality. To support communities and the environment is also a shared vision reflected upon in the commitment of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to preserve and regenerate the beautiful places in which one operates, all endeavouring to leave a positive, enduring impact on the planet.

The Winter Afternoon Tea menu presented is a work of meticulous effort by renowned Prova Gourmet‘s Chef Tristan Rousselot and Four Seasons Hotel Macao Executive Pastry Chef Kaori Scott. Highlights on the menu include Chef Tristan’s Religieuse, where Tahitian vanilla is put into a whipped ganache that contrasts the power and bitterness of sesame. The small pastry gives the Christmas vibe a classic touch, elegant and flavourful.

Another standout dessert is the Christmas Tree, meticulously crafted with attention to detail, combining the nostalgic charm of Christmas spice biscuit with the alluring allure of cardamom mousse and coffee ganache. Chef Tristan has reimagined the traditional Christmas tree symbol, offering a modern twist that captivates both the palate and the eye. Breaking free from moulds and conventions, the dessert showcases the vibrant strength of Colombian coffee entwined with the refreshing floral notes of green cardamom.

Chef Kaori's Canelé with toasted vanilla bean-infused rum custard and caramelized crust is one of a kind. With its crispy exterior and velvety interior, Chef Kaori plays with the smokiness of caramelized aroma combined with honey soaked in the essence of vanilla, creating an irresistible and mysterious delight.

For those seeking savoury pleasures, the Molted Lava Cheese Tart brings on the sumptuous vanilla brie cheese, masterfully merged with mulled apple compote. Brie cheese oozes with its softness while mulled apple introduces a hint of acidity, resulting in a heavenly pairing that will leave taste buds craving more.

Indulge in the Winter Afternoon Tea Set at Xiao Ting and embark on a culinary journey where the magic of vanilla takes centre stage, creating unforgettable moments of joy and delight. The set will be available from December 8, 2023 onwards and the price is MOP 648 for two persons. Price is subject to a 10 percent service charge. For reservations, contact Xiao Ting restaurant at (853) 2881-8822.

About Prova Gourmet

In 1946, Marcel Acat and his partner Hugo Oller founded Prova, and they started this business in an entrepreneurial small workshop with a patent for extraction technique. Thanks to a deep professional knowledge of raw materials and industrial tools, their continuous improvement and persistent exploration, over 70 years of effort, Prova has developed from a small family workshop to a leading brand in brown extracts. As a high-end product department for the gourmet part of business, Prova Gourmet constantly seeks precious ingredients from different origins, utilizes unique extraction techniques, strictly adheres to European food standards, and creates our consumers a delightful flavour journey. Adhering to the principle of "persistent pursuit, meticulous service, and high quality," we continuously develop a new range of products, update and iterate, provide customers all over the world with precious vanilla, café and sweet brown flavours.

About Chef Tristan Rousselot

Tristan made a name for himself by becoming the runner-up on the French competition show Qui sera le prochain grand pâtissier (Who will be the next great pastry chef). There he met French Master Pâtissier Christophe Michalak, who became his mentor. Tristan joined the French Master’s team as Executive Pastry Chef. His signature recipe become the iconic Saint-Honoré cake, with its ring of caramelized sugar-coated choux pastries. Looking for new challenges, Tristan decided to make the leap from prestigious hotels and restaurants to join the Prova Gourmet team as Creation Manager. In this role, he will develop creative content such as recipes and videos, provide pastry demonstrations and training to enhance customer understanding of the brand’s product line, showcase inspirational uses, as well as help in the development of new, innovative, and tasty products.

About Chef Kaori Scott

American-born Japanese Pastry Chef Kaori Scott is a culinary virtuoso with an unwavering passion for baking and an impressive international culinary journey. Chef Kaori's culinary odyssey began during a European holiday, where she was captivated by the beauty of patisseries, sparking her commitment to become a professional pastry chef. After completing culinary school in Las Vegas, she further honed her skills in the esteemed culinary landscape of Paris. Her career flourished globally, holding key positions at distinguished establishments in Las Vegas, San Francisco and Macau. Chef Kaori joined the Four Seasons Hotel Macao family as the Executive Pastry Chef in 2023, with her passion for creative endeavours and attention to detail manifested in the myriad ways she prepares desserts and pastries, specializing in cookies, madeleines, and canelé, promises guests an unforgettable experience of her creations.



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