Rejuvenate Through the Purity of Paradise: Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita Launches New Detox Yoga Program

August 15, 2017,
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Set among 64 acres (26 hectares) of exotic nature and overlooking one of the island's largest lagoons, Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is a rejuvenating sanctuary to arriving guests, with the Resort's Spa now offering an opportunity to maximise on the serene surroundings with the launch of a new Detox Yoga program.

Designed by resident yogi Prabir Podder, the wellness program follows an ancient Ayurvedic practice to aid the removal of toxins and impurities from the body. Beginning early in the morning, participants of the Detox Yoga program are advised to consume only water since the previous evening, prior to beginning a tailored program of yoga, meditation and massage, after which the program cumulates with a detox lunch and infusion.

"For many of us in the world, our day to day lives are impacted by harmful substances and toxins in our environment, or food, for example, which build up in our bodies to become a negative drain on our energy levels," says Prabir. "Through combining fasting with yoga, supported by a high consumption of water, this Detox Yoga program cleanses the body, relieving vital organs such as the liver, kidneys and lungs from impurities to result in a sense of pure revitalisation, for both body and mind. Combining this experience with time to relax on vacation allows guests to enjoy the utmost feeling of renewal from their time in the beautiful surroundings of Mauritius."

The Detox Yoga program begins with a 30 minute consultation with Prabir, followed by a tailored 60 minute yoga session to suit the participant's level, before a 90 minute detox yoga session and 30 minutes of guided relaxation techniques. Upon completion of the yoga elements of the program, a 90 minute detox massage designed to stimulate the lymphatic system awaits, ahead of a detox lunch and infusion.

Comprising a total of five hours of guided classes and treatments, the Detox Yoga program is available for MUR 26,000 per person. The experience can be customised to suit all levels of yoga ability and may take place either at the Spa or in the garden of the guest's own pool villa to allow for complete privacy and relaxation.


Debbie Duval
Senior Director of Public Relations and Communications

Beau Champ,