Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort Offers an Adult-Only Alternative to a Traditional Festive Season Getaway with Refreshing New Ways to Rest and Rejoice in Nature

Punta Mita’s luxury tented resort invites guests to join in the jungle this festive season for feasts of abundance, thoughtful reflections on life and more
September 7, 2023,
Punta Mita, México

Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico invites adults for a luxurious, kid-free festive season that celebrates the richness of life. Guests can enjoy authentic culinary experiences inspired by Mexican heritage, intention-setting spiritual journeys to start the new year, relaxing spa treatments anchored by the cycle of the full moon, and a host of ways to reset and recharge amid the raw beauty of nature. An adult-only escape nestled between the lush, tropical jungle and rugged coastline of Punta Mita, Naviva’s untamed natural setting organically sets the stage for individual transformation, thoughtful reflection, abundant gratitude, and meaningful celebration this holiday season.

“Adult travellers seeking a rejuvenating holiday experience should look no further than Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, where we harness the transformative powers of nature to allow for more community, connection and personal growth,” says Eduardo Sampere, Resort Manager, Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, Punta Mita, Mexico. “Our all-encompassing experiences encourage guests to make Naviva their home for the holidays, removing formalities and creating space to revel in the spirit of gratitude, reflect on the fullness of life and set intentions for 2024 and beyond.”

For those seeking a soulful, adult-only alternative to the traditional festive getaway, Naviva’s 15 luxury tents nestled into 48 forested acres (19 hectares) allow guests to tune into the rhythms of nature, where unscripted moments flow seamlessly, free from the chaos and distractions that so often accompany the holidays. From autumn through New Year’s Day, the Resort celebrates the spirit of the season in a way that is unique to Naviva, offering opportunities for greater connection and intention.

Holiday Feasts: A Conduit for Connection

This festive season, Naviva will offer a series of community feasts, paying homage to ancient cooking practices proudly passed down over many generations and introducing guests to the lesser-known flavours of Mexico. To spotlight the rich bounty of offerings across land and sea, the celebrations will feature abundant spreads of food from freshly shucked Pacific oysters to Cochinita Pibil cooked in Naviva’s traditional pib, an underground oven where meats are wrapped in banana leaves and slowly roasted for many hours. Each feast will be complemented by thoughtfully paired small-batch Mexican wines, intentionally sourced from female vintners.

Full Moon Temazcal: Setting Intentions and Strengthening the Spirit

As the full moon illuminates the sky on October 28, November 27 and December 26, 2023, Naviva will host evening long Temazcal ceremonies where guests can foster a deep spiritual connection with the moon, the tides and their emotions. Guided by a dedicated curandero in Naviva’s custom House of Heat, guests will have the opportunity to set intentions for the upcoming lunar cycle while bidding farewell to the current year and embracing the promise of a new beginning in 2024. The House of Heat includes a ceremonial fire pit with seating inspired by traditional Mayan stools, a pre- and post-ceremony gathering space and an outdoor shower area.

New Year’s Eve Jungle Takeover

Crafted to evoke the warmth of a close friend's home rather than a traditional resort, guests at Naviva are invited to settle in and allow the peninsula to become entirely their own. The New Year’s Eve Jungle Takeover offers a Resort buyout experience that invites guests to enjoy exclusive, private access to the entire expanse of Naviva’s lush oceanside jungle and remote coastline to ring in the New Year with family and friends. Resort buyouts start at USD 195,000 for three nights, plus applicable taxes and fees, for up to 30 guests in 15 tents. Reservations are subject to availability and require a minimum stay of three nights.

Nurturing the Mind, Body and Soul

An antidote to the stresses of the holiday season and fast-paced world, nature is the anchor to all Naviva’s fitness activities, spa treatments and wellness offerings. The Resort’s unique connections to the natural world beckon guests to rediscover, recharge and renew ahead of the new year.

  • Local Power Hikes: Escorted by a guide native to the area, guests will embark on hikes that delve into the heart of the region's history and natural beauty. Unique stories and personal encounters with guides' families and friends will provide insight into the area's cultural heritage, history and traditions, producing a holistic experience led by those who know the land intimately.
  • Restoring the Self: Through restorative yoga sessions including a series of easy, smooth postures and a focus on breathwork, guests can embrace tranquillity and release inner tensions for a renewed sense of calm.
  • Vision and Intention Breath Journey: This transformative practice empowers guests to manifest their aspirations and become the alchemist of their own lives. By combining clear intentions with potent visualizations while harnessing the power of deep breathing, participants become masters of their intentions.
  • Energy Healing Circle: Utilizing the ancient technique of Reiki, Naviva offers guests a chance to release stagnant energy - physical, mental, emotional, or astral - leading to a renewed sense of vitality.
  • Revealing Ritual: Crafted for creatives, leaders, and those seeking clarity, this ritual guides participants through a rejuvenating spa experience. The ritual includes a Copal Cleansing Ritual, Cristalmind Shirodhara Clarity, and a Nature Massage.
  • Naturaleza Body Scrub: Guests can create their own personalized body scrub using natural resources from Mexico, choosing from various clay exfoliators and pulverized fruit to activate and deliver individual skin needs. Clay selections include Black Clay from Paricutín Volcano (Michoacan), Green Clay from Puebla, and Red Clay from Guerrero. Fruit activators include tamarind pulp to address oily skin, mango pulp to support skin hydration and blueberry pulp to reduce brown spots. A relaxing application of the scrub followed by a rejuvenating banana leaf wrap completes the treatment.
  • Sunset Sound Journey: Guests can enjoy a spiritual and mindful musical experience with serene backdrop for a sunset, bringing guests closer to the heart of nature.

For reservations at Naviva, A Four Seasons Resort, call +52 329 291 6100.


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