Old Favourites, New Twist: Mei Ume at Four Seasons London at Ten Trinity Square Unveils Bold New Menu That Unites Traditional Flavours with Modern Innovation

September 18, 2023,
London at Ten Trinity Square

Mei Ume’s newly appointed Chef de Cuisine Peter Ho has announced the launch of a bold new menu at the restaurant located within Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square. Paying homage to the restaurant’s culinary roots while pushing the boundaries of creativity, the menu will feature traditional Chinese and Japanese dishes and flavours brought to life with an elevated, modern twist.  

Guests will enjoy a variety of eclectic a la carte dining options, such as:

  • Peking Duck with Caviar: Chef Peter’s take on an icon. Succulent roast duck is complemented by luxurious caviar, offering an indulgent contrast of textures and flavours.
  • Hot Stone Seared Scallops: Delicate scallops are sizzled to perfection on a hot stone, imparting a smoky depth of flavour to the delicacy.
  • Drunken Guinea Fowl: Fusing traditional techniques with modern creativity, tender guinea fowl is marinated in fragrant spices and sauces.

Diners can also indulge in beloved staples such as sushi, sashimi and dim sum.

The restaurant experience will be further elevated beyond its cuisine with a new cocktail menu that mirrors the menu’s concept, boasting inventive libations including:

  • Tang Dynasty: A playful twist on the beloved Asian bubble tea, this cocktail blends oolong tea infused rum, Frangelico and handcrafted tapioca pearls for a sharp yet nostalgic brew.
  • Golden River: An innovative take on a traditional Chinese spirit, the Golden River cocktail balances the bold flavours of baijiu with zesty citrus, resulting in a cocktail that is as intriguing as it is refreshing.
  • Dark Moon Rises: Mei Ume’s iteration of a centuries-old punch recipe is a complex emulsion of tangy flavours, culminating in a smooth finish.

Foodies, connoisseurs and adventurers are invited to discover the restaurant’s exciting new menu. For more information and to book, visit Mei Ume’s website here.

Kristen Charteris
Public Relations Manager
10 Trinity Square
London, EC3N 4AJ
United Kingdom