Yann Roumanille

Executive Pastry Chef
“Our aim is for international visitors to discover the vibrant tastes of Malaysia, and for our local guests to experience staple ingredients in exciting new ways.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2023
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Shangri-La Hotel Taipei, Taiwan; 1789 Pâtisserie by Cyrille Courant, Taipei, Taiwan; Café de Riz, Taipei, Taiwan; Pierre Gagnaire (3 Michelin stars), Paris, France; Des Gateaux et du Pain, Paris, France; Dalloyau, Paris, France; Chambost, France


  • BTM (Brevet Technique des Metier) Advanced Pastry Chef Certificate, Avignon, France


  • Avignon, France

Languages Spoken

  • French, English and Mandarin

With a career spanning traditional patisseries, Michelin-starred restaurants and grand city hotels, Yann Roumanille brings a wonderfully well-rounded pastry approach to Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur. Having honed his craft in kitchens from Paris to Taipei, he constructs a “borderless” dessert experience, drawing on diverse culinary influences to engage and delight the palates of guests from around the globe.

Born and raised in the south of France, Yann was all of 15 when he began his pastry apprenticeship, inspired by the creative possibilities in the world of confectionary. “Plus, I have always had a sweet tooth!” he says with a smile. After gaining valuable experience in local patisseries, he headed to Paris to refine his skills under the tutelage of renowned pastry chefs.

Then came a game-changing move to Taiwan, where he worked at French-style cafes before joining a top luxury hotel as pastry chef. “Coming to Asia got me out of my comfort zone and taught me to embrace the unfamiliar,” he explains. “Now, I love to find and work with unusual ingredients as it allows me to keep things interesting!”

Growing up in the French countryside, surrounded by his family’s olive farms, young Yann developed an early appreciation for high-quality local ingredients – a passion that is central to his pastry approach today. At Bar Trigona, Yann and his team use Malaysian ingredients to craft sweets that complement the hyperlocal cocktail menu, while Afternoon Tea at The Lounge features classical French pastries with indigenous touches.

“Our aim is for international visitors to discover the vibrant tastes of Malaysia, and for our local guests to experience staple ingredients in exciting new ways,” says Yann. Take, for instance, the sharing-style Spanish Churros, topped with playful local flavours such as pineapple, banana, Sarawak pepper and Sabah tea. Meanwhile, Ais Kacang, a beloved local confection, is reinvented with a Parisian flair, swapping red bean and rose syrup with slow-cooked apple, caramel sauce and French cookies.

This pastry maestro strongly believes in achieving simplicity through complexity. His sweet creations offer an interplay of different tastes, textures and sensations – but without overwhelming the palate. “I like to bring a few flavours centre stage so they can truly shine, with several other elements playing a supporting role,” he notes.

During his leisure hours, Yann enjoys exploring different facets of local culture. Endlessly curious, he has a penchant for venturing off the beaten path, from dining his way through mamaks across Kuala Lumpur to visiting small villages and hidden historical sights outside the city.