Takashi Iida

Pastry Chef

“I love to bring a guest’s ideas to life and make desserts that go beyond what they imagined. Seeing the delight on their faces is the ultimate reward.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2023
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, Japan; Rokuza Tateyama, Japan; The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo, Japan; Hotel The Manhattan, Makuhari, Japan


  • Certification from Musashino Cooking School, Japan


  • Tateyama-shi, Japan

Languages Spoken

  • Japanese

With more than 25 years in the world of pastry, Takashi Iida combines technical expertise and artistic flair to deliver beautifully personalized dessert experiences.

Hailing from the picturesque Chiba Prefecture, surrounded by ocean and mountains, Takashi’s childhood was deeply rooted in nature. Raised in a family that cultivated vegetables on a small farm, he was introduced from a young age to the communal ethos of sharing fresh ingredients — “it’s what sparked my lifelong interest in food.” His family’s love for Japanese sweets, particularly Wagashi, influenced his decision to join culinary school, where he explored both Japanese and Western pastry.

Takashi began his career at a hotel in Makuhari, where he refined his craft alongside distinguished chefs for several years before joining the opening team of a renowned luxury hotel in Tokyo. In 2014, he decided to take his Tokyo-honed skills back to his hometown of Tateyama, where he elevated the pastry portfolio at a resort. A few years on, the luxury hotel in Tokyo came calling once again, this time with the position of pastry sous chef, which Takashi happily accepted.

One of Takashi’s proudest professional moments was when he orchestrated the high point of a grand wedding party by unveiling a towering seven-metre-high wedding cake. In a departure from typical Japanese simplicity, he crafted an elaborate Western-style cake according to the couple’s wishes, showcasing his creativity and originality — a bold move that caused quite the sensation!

Now in his role as Pastry Chef, Takashi oversees confectionary creations across THE LOUNGE, PIGNETO, in-room dining, banqueting and functions. Each day, the Hotel hosts a wide variety of gatherings ­— from weddings and business events to dining experiences for guests. Led by Takashi, the pastry team strives to customize each offering, be it tailoring sweets to a company’s brand ethos or weaving a couple’s love story into individualized wedding desserts.

“Personalization is what sets Four Seasons apart. I love to bring a guest’s ideas to life and make desserts that go beyond what they imagined. Seeing the delight on their faces is the ultimate reward,” shares Takashi.

Seasonality is at the heart of Takashi’s innovative and artistic approach to pastry. Western desserts are infused with fresh Japanese influences, with subtle nuances expressing the delicate beauty of nature. All of Tokyo is a source of inspiration for this pastry maestro — ideas spring forth from gardens, galleries, buildings and food. No matter where the inspiration comes from, however, his goal is always “to craft something that awakens and engages all five senses.”

As a leader, Takashi’s focus is on meaningful collaboration: “Success is only possible when we all work towards one goal and move in one direction. It’s important to talk through plans and improvements as a team so we are on the same page.”