Ivan Spadaro

Chef de Cuisine, Boccalino
“My cuisine is constantly evolving, driven by my love of fine flavour and the wide-ranging gastronomic and cultural inspirations I encounter. At Four Seasons the culinary adventure is only set to continue with more delicious memories ahead.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2023
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Etna Piu restaurant, Seoul, Korea; Embassy of Italy, Seoul, Korea; Italian Chamber of Commerce, Seoul Korea. Salon de Joo restaurant, Seoul, Korea; Anciova restaurant, Malta; Hotel Atlantis, Catania, Italy; La Prua restaurant, Alassio, Italy; Sheraton Catania Hotel, Aci Castello, Italy; Pasticceria Quaranta, Catania, Italy; Etna Rosso restaurant, Catania, Italy


  • Università Degli Studi di Catania Catania, Italy – Languages


  • Sicily, Italy

Languages Spoken

  • Italian, English, French, Spanish, Korean

Bold, adventurous and brimming with passion: Sicilian chef Ivan Spadaro’s exquisite cuisine is a clear reflection of his character. Inspired by his father, a renowned pastry chef, Spadaro began his culinary career aged just 18 – a journey that has since seen him travel the globe, gaining acclaim for his innovative gastronomy that unites the rich culinary heritage of the Mediterranean with influences from Korea in dazzling fusion dishes.

Spadaro began his career working in patisserie, yet quickly discovered an all-encompassing love of fine cuisine. He initially harboured dreams of becoming a cruise chef, driven by his passions for travel and gastronomy, but the Italian fine-dining scene had other ideas – beginning with tenures at Catania’s award-winning Pasticceria Quaranta, fine-dining restaurants such as La Prua and Etna Rosso, and five-star venues such as Sheraton Catania Hotel and Atlantis Hotel.

In 2017, Spadaro met his Korean wife in Malta, and in 2018 they made Korea their home, embracing its vibrant culinary scene. Here, his innate flair resulted in stints crafting cuisine at the Embassy of Italy and the Italian Chamber of Commerce, before opening his own restaurant, Etna Piu, in Seoul: a cutting-edge homage to Mediterranean specialities and fragrant local ingredients. “I love to blend Italian and Korean flavours, making unique dishes that reflect my personal touch,” he says.

Spadaro’s deliciously experimental cuisine and vibrant character have led to appearances on several television programs for networks including Discovery Channel Korea and SBS, alongside crafting cuisine for numerous A-list names.

His uniquely refined sensitivity to the beauty of both Mediterranean and Korean gastronomy makes Spadaro a perfect fit as Chef de Cuisine at the acclaimed Boccalino restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul. In line with the restaurant’s focus on contemporary renditions of classic southern Italian dishes, Spadaro unites his love of his homeland’s rich culinary heritage with fresh local ingredients and subtle Korean flavour accents.

Now a happy father of two Italian-Korean children, Spadaro is thrilled to give them a multicultural upbringing in Seoul, inspired by his own diverse journey, and to continue expanding his horizons. “I’m excited to share my culinary approach at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul,” he says. “My cuisine is constantly evolving, driven by my love of fine flavour and the wide-ranging gastronomic and cultural inspirations I encounter. The culinary adventure continues – and I'm looking forward to creating more delicious memories ahead.”