Kwok Wai To

Head Chef, Yu Yuan
“My dishes are a culinary narrative that reflect not only my personal journey but also the rich tapestry of flavours that I’ve encountered along the way.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2023
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Imperial Treasure, Guangzhou, China; Mengdu Group, Beijing, China; Toh Lim, Lotte Hotel Busan, South Korea; Taste Paradise, Singapore; Imperial Treasure, Singapore; Imperial Treasure Lamian Xiao Long Bao, Jakarta, Indonesia; Yè Shanghai, Hong Kong, China; Shanghai Yat Pang Heung Restaurant, China; Shanghai Lo Ching Hing Restaurant, Hong Kong, China


  • Hong Kong, China

Languages Spoken

  • Cantonese, Mandarin

Kwok Wai To’s passion for food is woven into his DNA. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef To grew up surrounded by the rich flavours and heritage of Cantonese cuisine – an exquisite legacy that inspired him to launch his culinary journey aged just 15. Since then, Chef To has gained a reputation as an artisan of authentic Cantonese cuisine, with a stellar career spanning luxury five-star resorts and Michelin-starred fine dining establishments.

Chef To’s natural appreciation for gastronomy and intuitive talent were honed in early roles at leading Hong Kong restaurants followed by a longstanding tenure with the Imperial Treasure Restaurant Group. After being assigned to various overseas projects for his outstanding performance, it was his position as senior sous chef at the two Michelin-starred Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine, Guangzhou that allowed Chef To to truly refine his craft.

Throughout his career, Chef To has won acclaim for his soulful approach to the centuries-old heritage of Cantonese cuisine. “I strongly believe in preserving and adhering to authentic Cantonese recipes,” he says. “The seemingly swift preparation actually involves significant time, effort and dedication and these time-honoured methods are the soul of the restaurant. As a devoted practitioner, I consider it my duty to transcend geographical boundaries and share this cuisine’s beauty with diners from around the world.”

Chef To also loves to weave in gastronomic influences from his international travels. “My dishes are a culinary narrative that reflect not only my personal journey but also the rich tapestry of flavours that I’ve encountered along the way,” he says. “I’m fascinated to explore Korean ingredients such as abalone and Korean beef, which embody the importance of proper cooking time and adherence to unique recipes.”

In each of his mesmerising creations, Chef To is passionate about the role of fine produce. “The essence of cooking lies in the quality of the ingredients,” he comments. Equally important is harmony in the kitchen. “I’m proud to work with such a dedicated team at Four Seasons, where unity allows the kitchen to maintain its rhythm, creating the excellence we all strive for.” A homage to Guangdong, his signature dish is stir-fried lobster using duchi (fermented black beans) - a culinary masterpiece “of collective effort and teamwork.”

Chef To’s passion for gastronomy also infuses his downtime, where he enjoys watching television programs focusing on different cities and cuisines to inspire his own creations. “I’m honoured to keep exploring my craft and sharing these discoveries with the diners at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul.”