Qing Bing Wu

Yu Yuan Dim Sum Chef
“I believe that the essence of dim sum lies in the quality of its ingredients and the creation of a welcoming atmosphere.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2023
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: Current

Employment History

  • Rosewood Hotel Beijing, The Plaza Hotel Korea, Shangri-la Hotel Doha


  • ShānxīShěng, China

Languages Spoken

  • Chinese

With more than two decades of dim sum expertise in luxury hotels and restaurants across China and Korea, Qing Bing Wu has carved an illustrious career marked by extraordinary artistry. From tenures at the esteemed Rosewood Beijing and Shangri-La Doha to the Plaza Hotel Korea, Chef Wu’s finesse in creating authentic Chinese dim sum has won industry recognition and accolades, while also seeing him craft dishes for numerous celebrities and political figures.

Chef Wu’s culinary journey began at a young age. His parents ran a restaurant in China, and many of his family members were chefs. Growing up surrounded by the sensorial delights of fine flavours and traditional Chinese cooking techniques ignited a life-long passion, leading him to formal culinary training in Beijing before making his mark on the world of high-end fine dining. Across his career, he has remained dedicated to learning and honing his skills, mentored by China’s most renowned culinary masters.

Throughout, Chef Wu has gained acclaim for his exceptional hand skills – particularly in crafting specialities such as bag-shaped dim sum – and deep understanding of produce and flavours. “At the heart of my culinary philosophy are two fundamental principles: the importance of premium ingredients and the creation of an ideal hospitality environment,” he says. “I believe that the essence of dim sum lies in the quality of its ingredients and the creation of a welcoming atmosphere.”

Meaning "touch the heart" in Cantonese – in reference to its light portions that appease the appetite rather than satisfy it to the full – dim sum is a meal traditionally shared among family and friends, underpinned by a sense of community and connection. This value of togetherness is at the heart of Chef Wu’s exquisite dim sum cuisine, fused with a passion for innovation and excellence – attributes also found in abundance at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul, where he brings his unique touch to renowned Cantonese fine-dining restaurant Yu Yuan.

In these storied surrounds, Chef Wu takes pride in fusing local and seasonal ingredients with his wealth of culinary experience – and believes that Korea's abundance of premium ingredients provides an ideal environment for creative dim sum experiments, including incorporating unique elements such as kimchi. “I’m honoured to share my craft in such a prestigious setting and have the opportunity to innovate and evolve here," he says. “My ultimate goal is to represent authentic Cantonese cuisine in all its richness and bring hearty yet beautifully refined dishes to the forefront at Four Seasons Hotel Seoul.”