Ben Krigler

Fragrance Partner


Enamoured by the art of scent creation, Albert Krigler opened a perfumery in 1904 in St. Petersburg, Russia, and began to create a collection of exclusive fragrances. In 2005, Albert’s great-grandson Ben, the fifth generation, took over the family business. As a university-graduated architect, Ben not only runs the company, but also designs and builds each of their spaces. Inspired by his travels around the world, Ben creates fragrances distinctive by the time and the story behind each. From the inspiration to development, and ultimately in-store availability, the process takes years, sometimes decades. All of Krigler’s fragrances are made in a limited quantity each year, none over 1,000, adding to their collectability – a hallmark of the company, and a testament to the quality of ingredients used and the artistry that goes into each. Ben opened the Krigler boutique at Four Seasons Hotel Houston in late 2021, bringing Krigler’s interactive, scent-filled experience to Texas for the first time.