Eduardo Verdi

Floral Director
“Each floral arrangement and installation is an opportunity to create living art, breathing life and energy into the Hotel. It is an honour to execute Jeff Leatham's vision for Four Seasons Philadelphia, where we strive to bring moments of magic and unforgettable floral experiences to our guests.”


Four Seasons Tenure

  • Since 2019
  • First Four Seasons Assignment: current

Employment History

  • Freelance for Jeff Leatham, New York, New York; freelance for Preston Bailey, New York, New York; Floral Designer for Oscar Mora, New York, New York


  • Bachelor in Science of Hospitality Management, Senac Ceatel – Águas de São Pedro


  • Piracicaba, Brazil

Languages Spoken

  • English, Portuguese, and Spanish

As Floral Director of Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center, Eduardo Verdi spends his days curating world-class floral designs to contrast and complement the Hotel’s iconic modern design. Verdi joins Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia after years of freelancing with renowned florist and Four Seasons Artistic Director Jeff Leatham.

Verdi grew up in Piracicaba, Brazil where he first discovered his love of orchids while on walks through the rainforest. As his passion for flowers and orchids grew, he began planting and gardening in his parents' backyard, where his orchid plants are still thriving to this day.

After graduating from Senac Ceatel – Águas de São Pedro with a degree in Hospitality Management, Verdi flew stateside to begin his career in hospitality with an internship in Biloxi, Mississippi at a casino and hotel. He quickly learned that he wanted to continue pursuing his career in the United States. Shortly thereafter, he moved to New Orleans, where he began his work in the floral industry, curating arrangements for weddings. Verdi then ventured to the west coast to expand his floral knowledge in San Diego, where he first met Jeff Leatham. After a few years honing his craft on the west coast, he moved east to New York City to fully establish himself as a notable florist, freelancing for Oscar Mora, Preston Bailey and Jeff Leatham.

Verdi now calls Philadelphia and Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia at Comcast Center home where he combines his education in hospitality with his extensive work in the floral industry to showcase his passion for creating unforgettable floral moments for each guest who visits the Hotel.