A Dive into the Ancestral Tradition of Moroccan Hammam Ritual

September 8, 2023,
Casablanca, Morocco

The Moroccan hammam ritual is a centuries-old tradition deeply rooted in the country’s culture. Transcending mere skincare, it is a holistic approach to wellbeing promoting mind-body connection while awakening the senses. From the rhythmic scrub performed with a Kessa to the refreshing smell of Moroccan black soap infused with eucalyptus, discover the steps and benefits of the most authentic and rejuvenating Moroccan wellness experience.

The word “hammam” in the Arabic language refers to the noun “bathhouse.” The Moroccan hammam, as it exists today, originates from the influence of the Roman Empire’s tradition of communal bathing, and the Islamic principle of physical and spiritual cleanliness and purification.

Beyond being a public bathhouse, the hammam is a true communal place where the residents of the neighbourhood come together, on a weekly basis, not only for personal hygiene but also to socialize, exchange news and strengthen the community bonds.

An Initiation to the Hammam Ritual by Kenza Fakhir, Spa Manager

The ceremonial hammam at Four Seasons Hotel Casablanca is a foretaste of the traditional ancestral bath, a true rejuvenating experience paying tribute to local products.

The hammam ritual starts with a steam soak in a warm chamber, allowing pores to open up and stress and tension to melt away. The hammam therapist will delicately massage the body with Moroccan black soap also named beldi soap. This traditional concoction, a blend of olive oil and crushed olives infused with eucalyptus, moisturizes the skin while awakening the senses with its invigorating aroma.

The most iconic step of the ritual consists of gently scrubbing the body with a coarse washcloth known as Kessa, sloughing away the dead skin and revealing the newfound smoothness and radiance beneath. For a comprehensive treatment, the body is then wrapped in Ghassoul, a mineral-rich clay originating from the Atlas Mountains. The journey culminates in private alcoves inviting bathers to linger and indulge in a refreshing drink or a herbal tea.



Bachir Sanhaji
Director of Marketing
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