Four Seasons Hotel Chicago Celebrates 35 Years of Luxury Legends: Spotlight Shines on Long-Serving Doorman Benjamin Martin

Honouring 35 years of exceptional service, hospitality, and the beauty of birding
February 22, 2024,
Chicago, U.S.A.

In celebration of the remarkable 35-year journey of Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, the Hotel continues to shine a spotlight on the invaluable contributions of its dedicated team members who have been integral to its success since day one. Step into the world of Four Seasons through the lens of the Hotel's Luxury Legends, who have been with the team since 1989.

Benjamin (Ben) Martin, Doorman

Upon arriving at Four Seasons Hotel Chicago, guests are greeted by a friendly face that has become an icon of the city, Ben. He is renowned for his remarkable memory of names and faces, endearing him to both guests and locals alike. His journey began in 1989 when he started training to become a server, but fate intervened in 1992 when a Guest Services team member recognized his potential and recommended him for an opening as the Bell Captain. From there, Ben's dedication and warmth propelled him to his cherished position at the Front Door, where he embodies the essence of arrival delivering a special welcome to the Hotel.

Beyond his dedication to hospitality, Ben is also an avid birdwatcher. On sunny mornings, he frequents Washington Park before work, just moments from the Hotel, to marvel at warblers and orioles in brilliant hues of orange. His days off are often spent at the Montrose Harbor Bird Sanctuary, and annually, he embarks on month-long expeditions to premier birding destinations such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and his favourite, Thailand. "It's a joy to occasionally encounter fellow birdwatchers among our guests, and I love sharing my insights and recommendations," Ben shares.

After 35 years of dedicated service, Ben has become an essential part of the Hotel's legacy. His genuine warmth, impeccable service, and genuine care have left an indelible mark on the guest experience, making him a beloved figure among the Hotel and community.

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Ciara Merouan
Director of Public Relations
120 East Delaware Place
Chicago, 60611