Six Stories of Sustainability that Make The Nam Hai a True “Green” Sanctuary

March 9, 2023,
Hoi An, Vietnam

Situated on Vietnam’s culturally rich central coast, Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai Hoi An is committed to preserving its idyllic surroundings and leaving a positive impact on the local community. Guests are invited to discover an array of “sustainable stories” during their stay, both within and beyond the Resort.

Embark on an immersive “green” journey at The Nam Hai, anchored in the botanical abundance and vibrant traditions of Vietnam. These six stories of sustainability can be experienced all throughout the year.

Under the Vietnamese Sun

At the heart of the Resort’s sustainable approach is its vast Herb & Vegetable Farm, home to more than 40 varieties of herbs, vegetables, fruits and edible flowers. Guests are always welcome here: take a seat on a sunlit patch of grass, and let the magic of green, growing things exhilarate the spirit. The organic farm supplies hand-harvested ingredients for use in the Resort’s restaurants, bars and Cooking Academy.

The Nam Hai also has a local biodiversity support program in place. As guests wander the beautifully landscaped 35-hectare (86 acre) grounds, which provide employment to more than 60 local gardeners, they can spot several native plants – keep an eye out for colourful spider lilies and frangipanis. The coconut palms are impossible to miss, with more than 4,500 of them in attendance! Besides being an abundant source of oh-so-refreshing coconut water, these homegrown fruits also find their way into ice creams, cakes, cookies, coffees and curries across the Resort’s dining outlets.

A Tale from Farm to Table

Four Seasons takes pride in sourcing produce from neighbouring farms, villages, noodle shops and rice paper makers. Fishermen from Danang supply fresh-caught lobster, crab, squid and snapper to La Sen restaurant, where cage-free eggs from Hoi An can also be found on the menu. Supporting Vietnamese apiarists, Cafe Nam Hai sources five organic kinds of honey – including lychee, longan flower and coffee blossom – that make their way into breakfast favourites, fresh salads and cooked dishes.

Guests will also find several vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. The Glow With Food mindful-eating menu features plant-based creations such as Super Green Pasta, Hearty Vegan Bowl, Asian Bento and Glow Vegan Pizza, while the Ethical Cup selection offers sustainable, dairy-free delights such as Coconut Coffee (Vietnamese Robusta coffee with coconut milk) and Cà Phê Chanh (refreshing lemonade and filtered coffee). Guests can also enjoy regular tea and coffee with their choice of plant-based milk – almond, soy or oat.

Once Upon a Cocktail

Sip signature drinks inspired by all things Vietnamese. Woven with homegrown ingredients, including fresh herbs from the on-site farm, the cocktail list is a joy to explore. Don’t miss Bươm Bướm (“butterfly” in Vietnamese), a vibrant concoction that reflects the renaissance of hope and life in Vietnam. Crafted with handpicked butterfly pea flowers and Lady Trieu’s Da Lat Flower Bomb Gin (an award-winning locally distilled gin with jasmine, lotus and chrysanthemum), this floral creation is topped with a delicate flower rice paper crisp shaped like a butterfly wing.

Guests can also enjoy a curation of eco-conscious mocktails, made with indigenous ingredients such as ginger, lime, lychee, kumquat and coconut milk.

What Goes Around Comes Around

Following the 3R mantra – reduce, reuse, recycle – The Nam Hai has adopted several eco-friendly practices and energy conservation measures to shrink its carbon footprint. In 2019, the Resort launched a bottling plant to produce its own triple-filtrated water, eliminating more than 420,000 plastic bottles or 5.8 tonnes of plastic waste every year. Solar-powered water heaters serve all 40 Pool Villas, while hydroelectric power is utilized throughout the Resort. Guest villas feature plastic-free amenities, while linens and towels are replaced every third day unless otherwise requested.

A high-grade compost transforms all organic and natural waste – including fruit peels, vegetable trimmings, coffee grounds, fallen leaves and coconut husks – into nutritious fertilizer for the on-site farm. In 2023, the Resort is set to launch a miniature-composting site for younger guests to appreciate this sustainable process first-hand and learn the importance of vibrant ecosystems in our world. Kids will have the chance to compost waste in jars and pots, as well as practice hands-on gardening to cultivate their love for nature.

Setting a good example to the local hospitality players in the region, items made of plastic, metal and paper are diligently collected and prepared for recycling by a local company. The Nam Hai is certified as a “Green Hotel” by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), highlighting its long-term commitment to sustainable tourism.

A Fable of Wellness

The Heart of the Earth Spa team creates rejuvenating blends with fresh ingredients from the on-site farm. Sink into the pure goodness of nature with Nam Hai Earth Song, a signature treatment featuring sustainable Hoi An agarwood and a bouquet of healing herbs. Fragrant foot and bath rituals make use of lemongrass, lemon and mint leaves, while body scrubs and masks incorporate homemade ginger paste.

Discover wellness drinks infused with beneficial herbs and spices, and browse locally created products at the retail boutique: think silk pillowcases, Hoi An agarwood incense and Hoi An agarwood bracelets. Guests can also take home organic scented candles, made with all-natural plant wax and essential oils, packaged in eco-friendly bamboo cups. Fully biodegradable and recyclable, these candles are available in three fragrant categories – Stability, Creativity, and Non-judgment. Later in 2023, the Spa will introduce a line of products crafted from homegrown coconuts, including massage oil and coconut shell bowls.

The Heart of the Earth Spa was honoured as the “Best Emotional Recovery Space” and one of the “Five Best Spas in the World” in the Condé Nast Traveller Spa Awards 2019. Recently, the spa was also awarded the “Best Luxury Wellness Resort of the Year” in the Robb Report’s Best of the Best Awards 2022.

No Place Like Home

A rich appreciation of indigenous knowledge and craftsmanship is threaded into the fabric of life at the Resort. The Concierge opens doors to myriad locally-led experiences, including fishing with locals, learning regional cuisines, and exploring the trifecta of UNESCO World Heritage sites next door. Complimentary bicycles offer an eco-friendly way to access the charming countryside, with a guided tour scheduled every Monday. Pedal at an easy pace along the riverside, and through serene villages and lush rice paddies.

Local artists are featured throughout the Resort, including photographs by Réhahn, a renowned documenter of Vietnamese heritage. Four Seasons employees regularly volunteer in the local community and support worthy charities, including periodic donations of toys, blankets, stationery, books and food for 100 orphans at the Nam Minh Tinh orphanage.

To learn more about global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, Hoi An, click here.

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