Saying “I Do” at Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul

December 9, 2022,
Istanbul, Turkey

Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul offers unforgettable weddings with immaculate service and care for couples who want to declare their love and celebrate their forever commitment to each other with their loved ones. With modern and traditional designs, Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet and Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at the Bosphorus will cater to the wedding of a couple’s dreams with Turkish hospitality and Four Seasons luxury.

Whether the couple decides to have their wedding at Four Seasons Sultanahmet or Four Seasons Bosphorus, the Hotels offer unmatched wedding venues and catering services. Regardless, with a magical touch and close attention to detail, the Hotels' talented wedding experts will make the couples' wedding of their dreams come true as the couples celebrate their love in front of their loved ones.

Why Istanbul?

What makes destination weddings unique is that wedding guests travel to celebrate the couple's love. Because Istanbul is a mid-point of the world, it is easier for the wedding party to travel. In addition, Istanbul is one of the cities with the most direct flights to international destinations, so there's no hassle of connections or long car rides to the wedding venue. And, it will be easier for the newlywed couple to travel to their honeymoon destination.

The couple does not need to worry about keeping their guests entertained while they prepare for their special day since Istanbul can keep all wedding guests entertained. The party culture and abundance of touristic, and historical activities will keep wedding guests of all ages entertained while the couple prepares for their special day. Istanbul, the only city that ties Europe and Asia together, has hosted many empires and cultures within one city; it is still possible to see those landmarks that persisted from those empires and civilizations. The art and history lover wedding guests will be more than happy with the abundance of historical landmarks and art museums. In addition, Istanbul has exhilarating party culture, amazing clubs, and bars where guests can immerse themselves in the local party culture.

The Venues

Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul, with two locations, offers unmatched venues for weddings, bridal showers, and henna nights in Istanbul. Like the importance of the destination of the wedding, a beautiful venue is essential for weddings, as it will be in the background of the couple's wedding photos.

Four Seasons Sultanahmet, with its yellow façade, is the yellow diamond of the Old Town. Its breath-taking garden in the courtyard or the Süreyya rooftop lounge overlooking the Hagia Sophia will deliver beautiful wedding photos solidifying the couple’s special day. Four Seasons Bosphorus, with its beautiful palace building and mesmerizing view of the Bosphorus strait, will deliver beautiful wedding photos and everlasting memories as well. From the magnetic blues of the Bosphorus or mesmerizing orange hues of Hagia Sophia to a historic Ottoman palace building or a breath-taking garden, the Hotels will deliver spectacular backdrops for memorable photos.

Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul has various venue options for couples. Whether the wedding couple wants to have a small intimate wedding or a large soiree, Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul can cater to both. Regardless of the size of the wedding, with the Four Seasons touch, personalized for the couple's taste, it will be an unforgettable day.

For couples who prefer the yellow diamond of the Old Town, Four Seasons Sultanahmet can host a wedding with up to 200 guests at Sedef Ballroom. The Süreyya lounge overlooking Hagia Sophia is a great spot to have cocktails before the wedding, a bridal shower, or a small formal ceremony followed by a banquet at the Sedef Ballroom. Regardless, your guests will enjoy the yellow silhouette and immaculate courtyard with the mystic air of the Old Town.

For larger weddings, the happy couple can book the Atikpasha Ballroom at Four Seasons Bosphorus, where they can celebrate their love with 750 guests. For weddings at Four Seasons Bosphorus, Atikpasha Terrace is a spectacular venue when the wedding takes place in the summer months. The breeze of the sea, and summer nights, whether you opt for an orchestra or a DJ, will be an unforgettable experience dancing under the stars at an Ottoman palace right by the sea.

Regardless, both properties make breath-taking wedding venues, and the Hotels' excellent team of wedding experts can turn the wedding of the couple's dreams into reality.


Like weddings, food is essential to Turkish culture. One of the perks of having a destination wedding at Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul is that the wedding couple does not need to worry about food. The Hotels' catering team will deliver the tastiest dishes for the wedding, with, of course, Four Seasons quality. The couple can do a taste test before deciding what they want to serve at their wedding to their special guests. Whether a micro-wedding or larger invitations, the catering team can prepare delicious dishes for all types of ceremonies or celebrations. Without the hassle of finding a third-party catering vendor, the couple can be at ease knowing that the Hotel will take care of the food with Four Seasons quality.

In addition to a top-notch catering service, Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul has numerous restaurants. Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul is home to the best restaurants in the city. From modern Anatolian cuisine to seafood, guests can enjoy unique and flavourful dishes at the Hotels. AQUA Restaurant, located right by the Bosphorus sea, serves breakfast and dinner. Renowned for its breakfast, especially the Sunday brunch, and serves the tastiest seafood dishes after 6:30 pm with a stunning view. At Four Seasons Sultanahmet, the AVLU Restaurant, located right in the courtyard, specializes in modern Anatolian cuisine and serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The wedding couple can book AQUA and AVLU restaurants for group dinners and breakfast to show their appreciation to their guests who travelled to celebrate the couple's commitment to each other.


Weddings, although wonderful celebrations, can be quite stressful for the couple trying to perfect everything. However, the couple needs to take a moment to appreciate themselves and this special moment in their lives. The Hotels' spass offer the utmost luxurious treatments to their guests. With a large selection of body and skin treatments, massages, and Turkish hammam, the couple can prep for their wedding while taking a moment to themselves. For those couples that want a relaxing moment to themselves before or after their beautiful intimate ceremony or a large soiree, they can book a massage while easing their wedding stress.

For brides that would like to immerse themselves in the local culture, the bridal hammam could be an exciting and relaxing way to prep for their wedding. With a Turkish hammam that combines steam room treatment, deep body exfoliation, and a foam massage, brides can cross skincare off their to-do list while relaxing with the foam massage. And, couples who like to relax by working out can book private workout classes with personal trainers at the Hotels' gyms.

Destination weddings are hard to compete with, especially when the wedding is a Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul wedding. Whether the couple chooses to have a wedding in a historic Ottoman palace with views of the Bosphorus strait or in the oasis of the Old Town, with the Hotels' talented team of wedding experts, Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul brings dream weddings to life. With spectacular venue options, Four Seasons Hotels Istanbul will create everlasting memories where the couples celebrate love and commitment to one another.

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