The Rothschild Family History in Megève

August 3, 2017,
Megeve, France
Four Seasons Hotel Megève

Four Seasons Hotel Megève and Les Chalets du Mont D'Arbois Megève, A Four Seasons Hotel build on the legacy of the legendary Rothschild family.

Just after the First World War, Noémie de Rothschild, wife of Baron Maurice de Rothschild, was visiting St. Moritz in Switzerland and she dreamed of creating a similar ski resort in France, offering an exclusive atmosphere and a distinctly French character. On the advice of her ski instructor Try Smith, she discovered Megève, a small village dating back to the 13th century. She was immediately captivated by its charming character, as well as the splendid panoramic views from the Mont d’Arbois plateau set above the village.

The Baroness was convinced that this picturesque site could easily rival St. Moritz, and thus she decided to move forward with the creation of a ski resort at Mont d’Arbois. In 1920, construction began on the first hotel, named the Palace des Neiges (no longer in existence). With the Baroness’s support, Megève quickly became a favourite meeting place of the aristocracy, as well as famous names from the worlds of business and finance.

Gradually more infrastructure was put in place to ensure the resort’s long-term success. The first ski lifts and an airfield were created under the Baroness’s watchful eye. A few golf holes were created in the 1920s, but it was her son the Baron Edmond de Rothschild, a golf enthusiast, who was behind the creation of the Mont d’Arbois Golf Course in 1964, entrusting the layout to champion British golfer Sir Henry Cotton.

All of these details came together in the rise of Megève as an elegant, stylish and authentic resort, embracing the history and local traditions the Baroness so cherished.

From generation to generation, the Rothschild family’s role in the development of Megève has never wavered. This personal involvement is now taken on by the Baron and Baroness Benjamin de Rothschild, who remain great connoisseurs of Megève and, more broadly, the Mont Blanc region.

Today the Domaine du Mont d’Arbois extends over some 450 hectares (1,112 acres) and includes hotels, restaurants, the golf course and ski amenities. Baroness Ariane de Rothschild has personally assisted with the interior design of Four Seasons Hotel Megève to ensure the Hotel reflects her family’s long heritage.


Emilie Pignol
Marketing and Sales Director
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