November 11, 2022,
Hawaii, Oahu, U.S.A.

Echoing Ko Olina’s namesake – meaning “place of joy” – Four Seasons Resort Oahu is an inspiring backdrop for Hawaii pursuits – from adventure and culinary to romance, spa, rejuvenation, and culture.

What sets Oahu, and more importantly Ko Olina apart, is the distinct sense of place.  The island’s fabric is seamlessly woven together by the pristine natural surroundings, traditions and unforgettable experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

Oahu’s western coastline is home to revered cultural storytellers, artisans, crafters, and some of Hawaii’s most fascinating living legends. From watermen to kupuna, artisans to designers, these kama’aina are the breath of life to Hawaii.  

Inspired by the ancient Polynesian navigational traditions of wayfinding – to voyage and navigate canoes to unchartered areas, Four Seasons is pleased to showcase #FSWAYFINDERS, an ongoing weekly series featuring art, culture, history and in-depth workshops for guests.

Like an ancient voyage, guests are encouraged to discover first-hand myriad new experiences relating to Hawaii and the Pacific, weaving together traditions of the past with an occasional modern spin. Workshop opportunities include haku lei making, resin painting, lauhala weaving, hula, canoe sailing, and stargazing, just to name a few.  

The workshops are available for both children and adults, making the experiences ideal for families to create a connection together.  Each workshop is thoughtfully curated in an intimate setting, allowing the guest a hands-on experience, matched by the opportunity to "talk story" with the artisan.  Cultivate, create, and curate with Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina.

Michelle Edwards
Director of Public Relations and Marketing Communications
92-1001 Olani Street
Kapolei, 96707