It's Easy Being Green

October 16, 2013,
St. Louis, U.S.A.

We have all been in this position: standing at airport security and reaching into a pocket to find a hotel key card.  It is too late to return it and chances are it won't get mailed back to the hotel.  Disposing of the key in a nearby trash bin feels wasteful; it is clear this thick plastic card is not biodegradable - until now.  Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis has introduced biodegradeable key cards made of birch wood.  Here are more ways that it's easy to be green at Four Seasons Hotel St. Louis:

Green Laundry

  • Use aliphatic hydrocarbon in our dry-cleaning, not the commonly used perchlorethylene (perchlorethylene is a suspect human carcinogen)
  • Hydrogen peroxide for 99 percent of our bleaching needs
  • Non-phosphate on our alcalai (alcalai is the proper name for lye used in soap, which is what gives it its slippery properties that bond up the hard stuff); soaps that use phosphates that get released in the waste stream cause algae blooms downstream - as the algae grow it depletes oxygen in the water so wildlife can’t breathe

Green Housekeeping

  • Products are from EcoLab’s Green Seal Certified line – includes bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, general purpose cleaners, carpet care cleaners, floor flinches, floor strippers, employee hand soap
  • Reusable tools – rags, brushes, squeegees
  • Added sustainability card to promote not changing bed linens everyday in guest rooms, saving water and energy from laundering linens

Green Food and Beverage

  • Green-friendly chemicals in dishwasher – presoak, soap and rinse of the Apex line from Ecolab – features 95 percent reduction of packaging waste, biodegradable chemistry
  • All recycled paper towels used for employee hand wash stations, cloth towels for everything else
  • Recycle cardboard shipping containers
  • No styrofoam products
  • Use as much local produce and meats as possible – not only boosts local economy but reduces the carbon footprint needed to ship items when purchased farther away
  • Increased process of composting food waste in employee dining, Cinder Bar, Cinder House Restaurant and banquet operations

Green Spa

  • Recyclable slippers
  • Recycle plastic containers from products
  • All-natural product lines

Green Hotel

  • St. Louis Green Business Challenge: Award of Merit - 2014 Leaders Level, greatest gain
  • Electric vehicle charging stations installed, including two fast charging Tesla stations and one universal charging station for all electric vehicles
  • Use of zero VOC paints and furniture fabrics

Chloe Caylor
Director of Public Relations and Communications
999 North 2nd Street
St Louis, 63102