Tasting Series: New Offerings at Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo is launching a special Tasting Series where guests are invited to savour the country’s finest exports – rum, coffee and craft beer. The Resort’s award-winning rum master and mixologist Roberto Altamirano, a "tico," or native Costa Rican, shares his passion by curating experiences that engage and delight guests. Growing up in the mountains among coffee plantations, Roberto cultivated a deep and appreciation of the land and its bounty. Beginning with a profound knowledge of coffee and the cultivation process, he expanded his learning to rum and became what he is today – the Resort’s resident expert on all things rum.

Tasting Series offerings include:

  • Chocolate Rum Tasting – Held in La Reserva, the Chocolate Rum Tasting invites guests to sample five distinct rums and rum infusions with luscious Costa Rican chocolate from Heinrik, a local chocolate maker.
  • Rum Blending – A truly unique experience to create a rum infusions by choosing a selection of young rums and infusion ingredients, including vanilla sticks, cinnamon, cloves, orange peel, cardamom, anise, coffee beans and cocoa. Our rum master guides guests through the infusion process, explaining how each ingredient will affect the rum’s flavour profile. At the end of each tasting, guests take a special memory of Costa Rica and their rum blending experience in the form of an engraved bottle (USD 60), which can be customised, and a recipe card of their unique blend.
  • Beer Tasting – Beer aficionados meet at Bahia Bar to learn the art and history of beer and its many variations, from pale ales and lagers to stouts and porters. Guests sample Costa Rican Imperial, Pilsen, Pelona and Maldita Vida beers in this popular tasting.
  • Coffee Tasting – San Vito is the destination for a coffee journey to discover Costa Rica’s most popular export with Jefry, our barista instructor. This tasting teaches guests the many ways to prepare coffee, enhancing its flavour profile, and sample the many coffee varieties available from the country’s eight coffee regions.
  • Mixology – La Reserva is the setting for a mixology class where Roberto teaches a master class in the fine art of mixology. Learn his insider tips and learn to make favourite drinks, from a classic cocktails to an original concoction with fresh, organic ingredients. Special techniques include the use of smoke and dry ice to bring his touch of magic to each drink.

Venues for the popular Tasting Series include:

  • La Reserva – a Resort favourite adjacent to Añejo, La Reserva is a cosy venue and the designated setting for all things rum.
  • San Vito – located in a private dining room within Pesce, San Vito is the starting point of a deliciously comprehensive coffee journey.
  • Bahia Bar – located just outside Bahia Grill, Bahia Bar is the meeting point for beer aficionados for the Resort’s popular tasting of local craft beers.