Find Self Awakening This Winter Solstice with New Gemstone Massage and Facial at the Well & Being Spa at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas

December 17, 2019,
Dallas, U.S.A.

The shortest day of the year is here. Winter solstice marks the official beginning of winter and the launch of the new Solstice Gemstone Facial and Massage, as well as the Starlight Serenity Manicure and Pedicure at the Well & Being Spa at Four Seasons, recently named one of the 10 Best Destinations for Winter Wellness by American Spa.  It is said that the winter solstice is believed to hold powerful energy for regeneration, renewal and self-reflection.  These treatments mirror the significance of the solstice with a quiet focus on personal awakening, and last throughout the winter season of setting goals and intentions for the year.

“As we prepare to enter the New Year and new decade, the healing benefits of these amazing gemstones will help renew the spirit and mind leaving you feeling balanced and ready to run the world in 2020,” says Rebecca Eivens, Spa Director at the Well & Being Spa at Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas.

Solstice Gemstone Facial

This indulgent and hydrating 60-minute Knesko facial begins with a silent moment to meditate on having the desire and faith to feel more connection with a higher self and with the Universe as a whole.  Estheticians will take the time to remind guests of the mantra, “I am willing to go beyond my limitations, to express and experience greater joy.”  Dramatically restore youthful radiance and glow as the Knesko Gemclinical Diamond Collagen Treatment mask is applied.  This facial combines the brightening and anti-aeging powers of diamonds and white jade gemstone rollers, resulting in an instant reduction of fine lines and wrinkles while reducing signs of fatigue, discoloration and dark circles.  The treatment includes a Knesko white jade gemstone roller, diamond eye and lip mask and cosmetic bag.  Leave with a balanced crown chakra and a center of divine guidance when embarking on this inner journey.  The 60-minute facial is available for USD 185-195.

Solstice Gemstone Massage

This 80-minute full body massage promotes deep relaxation, helps to unwind and let go, put things into perspective and find inner peace.  Blue quartz gemstones from Rock On Minerals are used to relax fatigued muscles and align energy imbalances, perfect after a strenuous day.  The healing benefits of blue quartz transports guests to a state of bliss and encourages them to see life more positively.  The 80-minute treatment is available for USD 250-260.

Starlight Serenity Manicure and Pedicure

A minty fresh renewal awaits with this manicure and pedicure combination using seasonal products from FarmHouse Fresh, a locally grown skincare line.  The treatment begins with a gingersnap and peppermint-scented soak infused with vitamin E and coconut oil to soften and soothe.  Next, the skin is smoothed and exfoliated with fine grain sweet cream salt scrub, making parched skin soft to the touch.  Finally a much “kneaded” massage with a light-as-air peptide infused body whip with crisp green notes of wintermint, apple and amber.  The 35-minute manicure is available for USD 50, and the 50-minute pedicure is available for USD 70.

The Well & Being Spa at Four Seasons is offering these winter treatments now through February 29, 2020.  Knesko gemstone roller gift sets, collagen masks and gift cards are available for purchase in the Spa.  For reservations, call 972 717 2555.