Come and Taste It: Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas Executive Pastry Chef Creates Smokin’ Hot Dessert, Bursting with Flavour and Texas Pride

The Come and Taste It Lone Star Cigar debuts on the fall menu this October
October 1, 2021,
Dallas, U.S.A.

It didn’t take long for Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas Executive Pasty Chef Yudith Bustos to become a Texan at heart. Since her arrival in June, she has incorporated a Texas-chic flair into her exceptional desserts and amenities through the use of local ingredients and bold flavours inspired by the Lone Star state. Most evident in her latest creation, the Come and Taste It Lone Star Cigar, Bustos reimagined the beloved s’more in a playful way, using the same components presented in the form of a smoking cigar, reminiscent of the “Come and take it” cannon.

This smokin’ hot dessert represents Texas pride through and through. The name, Come and Taste It, is a nod to the famous slogan, “Come and take it,” used by American colonists at the Battle of Gonzales, declaring their defiance to return a single cannon to Mexican soldiers who had given them the weapon for their defence. The historic phrase was fashioned into the first flag used in the Texas Revolution and remains a symbol of Texans’ resilience and tenacity to this day.

The dessert is presented under a glass dome filled with smoke. Once the glass is lifted, smoke escapes, and the aroma of Texas mesquite wood permeates. The combination of slightly bitter 70% dark Valrhona chocolate rolled in coco powder paired with sweet roasted marshmallow and vanilla ice cream filling is the perfect juxtaposition. The texture is crunchy on the outside and refreshingly creamy and cool on the inside.

“I’m a chef, yes, but I have no desire to make food. I want to create artful epicurean experiences,” says Bustos of the masterdish. “Desserts that appeal to all your senses at once. Not to satisfy a craving, but to evoke awe and cause time to stand still. That’s what makes food truly memorable.”

Come and Taste It will debut on the fall dessert menu in the Resort’s signature restaurant, LAW, on October 8, 2021 on the heels of the anniversary of the Battle of Gonzales. Foodies and aspiring photographers searching for the perfect backdrop to accompany the Instagrammable delight may also enjoy on the OUTLAW Taproom patio overlooking the Resort pool alongside a perfectly staged glass of artisan-crafted whiskey.

For LAW reservations, call 972 717 2420 or visit online.