Four Seasons Hotel Doha Partners with Michelin-Star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The exciting partnership will include a new Latin-inspired concept
September 19, 2022,
Doha, Qatar

This October, Four Seasons Hotel Doha is launching an exciting culinary collaboration with world-renowned, Michelin-Star Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten by introducing a new Latin concept that offers a unique world-class culinary experience as rich in culture as it is in flavour.

This collaboration provides a truly innovative experience, characterized by splashes of colour and flavour, which easily identify the abundance of Latin cuisine. Latin culture has inspired not only the menu, but is equally resonant in the design of this restaurant. The interiors are derived from the hacienda-style architecture of Latin America and Spain, in effort to emulate an authentic Hispanic experience that stimulates the guest’s visual and gustatory senses through an immersion of delectable cuisine and vibrant reddish hues. When the attention isn’t on the food and the architecture, it will be towards the centre of the main dining room, where an interactive open kitchen is located in the central stage of the restaurant.

"I am very excited to be back in Doha to debut our new project in partnership with Four Seasons,” says Chef Jean-Georges. “Compiled with authenticity and exquisite flavours, the menu will feature Latin and global-inspired dishes, using the freshest seasonal ingredients.” The combination of authentic Latin cuisine and the restaurant’s general ambiance presents a guaranteed escape to the warm Latin countries all from the comfort of a seat.

“It is an exciting endeavour that mirrors the ambition of Four Seasons to cater to our guests from all around the world and provide them with memorable experiences,” says Shadi Suleman, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel Doha. “Our partnership with the world-class chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten perfectly fits our objective to provide unrivalled dining experiences and one-of-a-kind ambiance.”

About Jean-Georges Vongerichten

Jean-Georges Vongerichten is a world-renowned French chef whose reputation is characterized by his world-wide success in the culinary field. He has played a major part in the creation and execution of over sixty restaurants world-wide located in New York, Miami, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Shanghai, Singapore, and soon, Doha.

Throughout the years, Jean-Georges spent his time working and traveling throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas where he developed his love for the exotic and aromatic flavours. His signature cuisine varies in style but consistently abandons the traditional use of meat stocks and creams and instead features the intense flavours and textures from vegetable juices, fruit essences, light broths, and herbal vinaigrettes. Jean-Georges’ culinary vision has redefined industry standards and continues to revolutionize the way we eat.

He has published several cookbooks reflecting his influential style of cooking, including two in collaboration with Mark Bittman and continues to work on exciting culinary activations, including the recent opening of the Tin Building in New York featuring six full-service restaurants, six quick service counters, multiple bars and two marketplaces, brimming with local seasonal produce and rare ingredients.